International multi-level marketing with package forwarding

How to use package forwarding to grow your multi-level marketing business

You’ve worked hard to develop a long and successful line of distributors for your multi-level marketing business. Or maybe you’ve hit a snag lately and haven’t seen the growth you’ve seen in years past. Or, maybe, you’re simply just getting started and are ready to expand your multi-level marketing business. 

Next step for your multi-level marketing

What’s the next step? Leave the boundaries of the domestic market and expand into international markets! We all know someone who’s either living abroad or someone who’s spent significant time in another country and has access to dozens or even hundreds of contacts who could potentially turn into dozens or hundreds of new lines for your multi-level marketing. Your friend who works in London? Your college roommate who recently moved with their family to Beijing? Even your vacation in Australia last year probably landed you some potential lines abroad!

You might have already thought of this, but haven’t acted on it because of obstacles like these:

  • “My organization doesn’t distribute outside the US.”
  • “We’re not in that region yet.”
  • “They have trouble bringing our product into the country.”

The way to reach these markets and tap into your rich network of potential international markets is through package forwarding. Ask your line members to sign up for a USA address, then they can place their orders just as if they lived in the US and have their shipments forwarded anywhere in the world.

How can you benefit from OPAS?

OPAS already has successful, proven international multi-level marketing relationships with organizations like Pruvit, Herbalife, and Ardyss. We receive orders at our US warehouse from thousands of downlines within these groups and forward their products all over the world.

The potential for expansion is limitless once you start to extend your multi-level marketing business internationally.