Shop Outdoor Brands Internationally

Winter may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy shopping for outdoor brands! When we think of the outdoors, picturesque views of nature, streaming waterfalls, and babbling brooks come to mind. In the US, outdoor brands mastered the art of creating products that will help us enjoy nature all year round, both keeping us warm, and cool.

Summer is obviously the optimal time for these activities, but that doesn’t we can’t still enjoy the outdoors in winter or start preparing for those summer months today!

Unfortunately, some of the best outdoor brands only ship within the USA. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy top-rated tents, windbreakers, or backpacks internationally! Brands like REI, Backcountry, Tecovas, Stetson, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop, Boot Barn, and more only ship items to U.S. addresses. But don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for you!

With OPAS, you can get access to these US brands easily. All you need to do is choose which one of our membership programs is the best for you, fill out your information, and start shipping! OPAS also offers various other services, like package consolidation and personal shopping service, that can help make your international shipping a smooth and easy process.

Just because you live abroad, doesn’t mean you should not have access to all the amazing brands in the U.S. Sign-up today and change your shopping experience!

Do you want to start shopping for outdoor products in the U.S., but don’t know where to begin? We put together some of our favorite products from our favorite brands!


REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is one of the largest U.S. retailers for outdoor products, with a focus on hiking and backpacking, they make sure that you’ll have everything that you need before you step foot on trails

For those everyday hikes or a couple of days in the wilderness, try REI Co-op 60 pack ($149)

Bass Pro Shop

As you can probably guess, Bass Pro Shop is the expert when it comes to fishing. With the exclusive U.S. deals and brands on everything from fishing rods to hiking gear, Bass Pro Shop is your one-stop shop for everything outdoors!

Want the latest technology in fishing? Try the St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod ($139.99-$159.99)


Ride down the slopes in style with Backcountry! From helmets to snowboards to skis, and everything in between, Backcountry has you covered. Focusing on alpine sports, Backcountry offers various products for your snow-related activities.

Ski or Snowboard? That is the question. Get the exclusive BurtonYeasayer Snowboard ($479)

How Package Forwarding Works

Step 1:

Sign up with OPAS and order your goods online using your personal OPAS address as the shipping address. The shipping calculator is in your OPAS account so that you can check the

estimated shipping fee before placing your retail order.

Example address:

OPAS Member

6650A  NE Mt St Helens Ave

Portland, OR, USA


When you have received your personal U.S. address, you can use it to shop online in the U.S. Simply use it when checking out at the store of you your choice in the address section.

If the store of choice doesn’t accept foreign credit cards, however, look into OPAS Personal Shopper Service that can help you still get the things that you want, stress-free!

We will send you an email when we have received your order.

Please note: Your OPAS address is not a P.O. Box.

Step 2:

When you are ready to ship (either one order or several orders consolidated together) make sure you have entered details on all the orders you want to ship in the My Mailbox section of your Dashboard. Please click on the edit button to add the product name and unit price. If you did not receive all expected products, before you send a ship request, we suggest you check with the sender directly as to whether they partially shipped your orders.  Select the orders you want to be sent to you and click SHIP. If you wish to ship all items together as one shipment, for maximum savings, please check the box next to ID (at top).


Step 3:

Select your shipping options. We recommend you select, “Please send me an estimate,” in the Request Carrier field to compare shipping times and costs, then select your preferred service/shipping method before we ship to you. As products often need to be removed from shipping boxes and repacked for us to provide an estimated shipping fee, we recommend you wait to see the estimate we send, instead of using the shipping calculator. Please add any special instructions here. We ask for two business days to process your order. Shipping time depends on the shipping method you chose. Please add any special instructions when sending a shipping request:

Package Inspection: To have your retail box or products checked for damage, please select Inspection.

Express Processing

Keep Retail Boxes: To remove bulky retail boxes to save on shipping fees, select “No.” We will remove your request, but we will make the best judgment if it may keep it better protected and won’t add fees. *Boxes for electronics or food cannot be removed for maximum protection. Please check the store return policy before requesting.

Step 4:

If you selected, “Please send me an estimate,” we will send you an email with the costs of different shipping options. Sign in to your account and select the shipping option you prefer for this order.

Step 5:

We will charge your credit card or send a PayPal invoice. Once the payment is complete, your package will be shipped. We will send you an email containing your tracking number, final charge, etc.

Payment Methods: When you sign up for your account, you are required to include your payment method, so we are able to bill you when you shop or ship with us. We accept a variety of credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. You can also use your PayPal account. It will take longer to process, but we can also accept payments from Western Union or other wire transfer services or you may use an international money order. Contact us for more details.


Step 6:

The carrier will collect any import tax or duty upon delivery.

Step 7:

Thank you for choosing OPAS! Please contact us if you have any questions.


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