How to Make Money Online with Our Affiliate Program

Become an OPAS Affiliate with the OPAS Friends program! Invite friends and earn rewards! Create a new source of revenue by including an explanation about the services that OPAS offers in your own courses, emails, blog, and social posts.

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How OPAS Affiliate Program Works

1| Invite friends to join OPAS

2| When they ship with OPAS, you’ll get an account credit.

3| Use the credit to discount your shipping, get Amazon Gift Cards, or cash via PayPal!

The Benefits

Receive 4% of the shipping charges from each new member that you sign up for and for every shipment they make! PLUS 2% of every shipment from their friend when they spread the word.

The sky is the limit!

Partnering through OPAS’ Affiliate Program is a simple way to generate new revenue from your content while helping the OPAS community grow.

Become an affiliate and receive a commission for each OPAS sale you drive. Monetizing your audience and content has never been so easy.

Signing up to be an OPAS affiliate is completely free! Plus, there are no minimum sales required to earn a commission.

Track referrals and commissions from your OPAS account!

Share OPAS with your friends today via your unique link in your account!

There are no minimum sales or limits on commission you can earn

Simply sign up for a free OPAS account and start sharing your link today!

When you become an OPAS affiliate you can earn free international shipping. Here are some ways in which you can receive payout:

Example 1 | Sign on 25 of your friends >> You earn 4% of their shipping charges equaling 100% towards your shipping.**
Example 2 | Sign on 15 of your friends >> You earn 4% of their shipping charges (60%) + when your friends sign on 20 of their friends >> You earn 2% of their friends’ shipping charges (40%). So, in total, you would earn 100% towards your shipping! **
**This payout may vary. It is conditional on the total cost of each of your friend’s shipping charges and your total shipping charges. If each person including yourself spent $200 in shipping charges and you signed on enough friends to equal 100% towards your shipping you would receive free international shipping.

*** Affiliates are only able to receive rewards as far down as the person that their friend shares with.

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