How to Get a US Shipping Address: Everything You Need to Know

Enjoy the ease of shopping online? You’re not alone.

Studies show that 40% of worldwide internet users have purchased items online. That’s one billion online shoppers!

The convenience of shopping on the internet allows you to purchase items that you can’t necessarily find in your area. Or sometimes even in your country!

If you have your heart set on something you can’t buy without a U.S. shipping address, then don’t give up hope just yet. There’s a solution for both individual shoppers and businesses alike.

Whether you have shipments regularly delivered or you have a shopping cart full of your favorite items from a shop that won’t ship internationally, we have the solution. Here’s what you need to know about getting your own U.S. shipping address.

What is a U.S. Shipping Address?

You don’t have to be a U.S. citizen to get a U.S. shipping address. If you want a way for businesses to send you stuff without having to send it internationally, then you can create your own U.S. shipping address for these types of correspondences or purchases.

Why Do You Need a U.S. Shipping Address?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to get your own U.S. shipping address. One reason is that not all U.S. shops will ship internationally. They may have restrictions on who can order from their store.

This just isn’t going to work if you find something you have to have! It can be seriously disappointing to be shopping away, only to discover that you can’t purchase your items upon check out.

Mail forwarding is also helpful if you are subscribing to a regular mailing such as a magazine that is international. Some forwarding services will offer you premium plans so you can easily get your mail and packages consolidated together.

You’ll also get a virtual mailbox that allows you to log in and view shipments. You can then wait until multiple shipments arrive so you can save money and ship all of your items to your location at the same time.

How Can You Get a U.S. Shipping Address?

There is a way to get around living internationally and wanting to buy products from the U.S. The best way to go about it is by finding a mail or package forwarder.

These companies will provide you with a U.S. address. You can use this address to purchase items from U.S. stores and have them sent to it. The forwarder will take care of the rest.

Once your package is sent to your U.S. address, the forwarding company will then send your items to you by reshipping them around the world. Not all companies will ship to every country, so be sure your address is eligible for shipment by the provider you choose.

Forwarding Perks

Depending on what items you buy, forwarding companies can provide a variety of different perks. For example, some will offer mailing addresses in tax-free states such as New Hampshire and Delaware so you can save even more on your items.

Some forwarders will go the extra mile and take pictures of your packages. They may even offer personal shopper services at affordable costs. Personal shoppers can help you when a store won’t allow you to use a credit card that has an international address. This is common when store owners want to protect markup margins on goods due to an international distribution deal.

You’ll receive ongoing email updates from some forwarding services so you can keep track of where your packages at all times.

Plus, some forwarding companies will provide additional services that include a thorough package inspection. They will personally review the items in your package for damage and make sure the item count matches your order.

Additional Fees May Apply

On top of the cost to ship to your U.S. address, the forwarding company will most likely charge you to reship your items. If you need your mail to be held for a period of time, this will most likely cost you additional fees.

Some forwarding companies will offer 30 days free when holding your mail. So there may be ways around being charged additional costs.

These mailing fees may still save you money in comparison to purchasing directly from the store and having the item shipped internationally. They can reduce your overall shipping costs by consolidating packages and repacking some items to make them smaller.

Smart Business Solutions

If you own your own business and purchase items internationally often, then using a mail forwarding provider can save you a lot of time and hassle. Forwarding service can take the legwork out of shipments by tracking and organizing your packages for you.

You can also ship your own products through an expert forwarder. They’ll take care of things like managing barcodes, labeling, returns, and more. They can also help you decrease your overall business spending on shipping internationally.

You may be interested in having your documents scanned for you. It’s possible with a mail forwarding service to have mail scanned into a PDF format and then uploaded onto a secure account.

Important documents can also be shredded if needed to protect sensitive information.

More than Just the U.S.

If your shopping preferences extend beyond the U.S. and into Japan or the UK, there are forwarding services that provide shipping from all three. Japan is known for its amazing products and one-of-kind aesthetic.

Sometimes you just can’t find products like that anywhere else! With a reliable forwarding service, your location doesn’t have to hold you back from getting what you truly want.

Ready for Your U.S. Shipping Address?

It’s not hard to enjoy the perks of shopping in the U.S. without having a physical location in the states. If you want to get your own U.S. shipping address, then signing up for a forwarding service is your best bet.

Get started now with a reliable forwarding service. Check out our website to get more information.

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