How A US Mail Forwarding Service Can Make Shopping Easier

How A US Mail Forwarding ServiceAlthough nobody doubts we live in a global economy, the US is less well represented in international shipping than in other, comparable global industry.

Simply put, vendors are losing out on a larger international customer base, whilst the international customer is losing out on the ability to either order products for themselves or to ship these products to relatives that may live in other parts of the globe.  A US mail forwarding service will also address the other prohibitive restrictions that could influence the choice to obtain a desired product from a specific vendor, and these include:

  • The need for a US mailing and US billing address (popular vendors such as Apple are very strict in their fraud protection policies and absolutely require a matching mailing and billing address)
  • Shipping tariffs for customers
  • International fees and foreign tax credit rules (duties can amount to very little or can take you by surprise, we help customers find out what they may expect)
  • IRS expectations faced on vendors who are able to consider an overseas mail forwarding service

Although freight tax enforcement has been a low priority for the IRS, there are regulations that require online retailers to file extensive paperwork, even if they do qualify for an exemption.  However, a US mail forwarding service, such as what we offer at OPAS, is solely devoted to staying up to date on these regulations, and covering the appropriate concerns that would be handled by vendors.

Customers benefit from a US mail forwarding service through:

  • Access to items
  • Lowered shipping restriction
  • Tax free Oregon delivery address, that means 0% US sales tax, guaranteed!
  • Package consolidation
  • Paperless overseas shipping

Vendors are also able to see better profits when customers sign up for an OPAS US based mailing address and out overseas mail forwarding service.  This is achieved through:

  • Greater customer reach
  • Better customer service through the overseas mail forwarding service
  • Greater potential for growth
  • No international fees and taxes on sales

The result is that signing up for OPAS overseas mail forwarding service and a US mailing address is part of the way that the global economy will stay running.  It is also a means to fully support commerce, by ensuring that customers and products are able to come together, no matter where they are located.  Visiting our site and signing up will get you started in playing your part to benefit a better lifestyle. 

All of the world is a shopping mall.  Do you know how to access all of its benefits?

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