US Mail Forwarding Service – How It Works

A US mail forwarding service lets you shop at US stores from across the globe.

US merchants are missing out on a huge international customer base. International customers are losing out on the ability to order products. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.  A forwarding service will address and help make the headache of shipping international from the US a little easier.

  • The need for a US mailing and US billing address (popular merchants such as Apple are very strict with their policies and absolutely require a matching mailing and billing address)
  • International fees and foreign taxes (duties can be difficult to figure out.  We help you find out what they may expect)

There are rules that require online retailers to file paperwork. But, an American forwarding service, like OPAS, stays up to date on these rules and addresses the appropriate concerns that merchants face.

Customers with a U.S. mail forwarding service can get:

  • Access to items
  • minimal shipping restriction
  • 0% US sales tax, guaranteed!

An OPAS US mailing address and our Mail forwarding service are great for:

  • Customer reach
  • Growth
  • No international fees and taxes on sales

Sign up for OPAS US mailing address today and get the things that you want! 

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