11 subscription boxes from the U.S.

Purchases of “subscription boxes” are increasing in the United States. A subscription box is a type of purchase that renews every month and each month you are sent a new variation of products. This sort of system is perfect for those who are constantly on the go.

However, unlike the usual regular purchase of a subscription, the same products are not sent regularly, but products that match the customer’s taste, seasonal products, newly released products, etc. are sent, so it is like a gift box. It is an assorted box that helps you maintain things that you wish to have consistently.

After creating guidelines for your particular taste, each time that you are sent a new monthly package it will have surprise items in it – more or less like a gift.

The company will carefully select items based on your taste to help fulfill your wants! Introducing the subscription boxes of 11 stores in the United States. In addition, you can purchase not only subscription products and one-off products in some stores, so if you find a store you are interested in a wide variety of certain products, the better.

Subscription box popular secrets

One of the reasons subscriptions are so popular is that you can get them cheaper than buying each item in the box.

In addition, you can easily experience the products first hand and you can get a feel for each product by using them, even if you do not usually choose to buy them.And above all, the box arrives at the same time every month. The excitement that you can get out of it is the same as when you receive a gift.

Many stores that sell subscriptions in the United States do not ship directly overseas. For shipments outside the United States, you can use OPAS package forwarding service. 

Introducing 11 popular subscription stores in the United States!

The first step is to find a store that sells subscriptions that suit your needs and style.

In most cases, merchandise boxes arrive monthly or at the turn of the season or monthly, depending on the company and product.

The contents of the box vary depending on the store, such as a large number of sample-size products, individual products, and set products.

Subscriptions for women

FabFitFun Price: $45 Frequency: Seasonal (shipped 4 times a year)

FabFitFun subscriptions are very popular among American women. The price is $45 per season (one shipment), but the box is packed with items worth over $ 300 in total!

Home goods, fashion, wellness, beauty, and other seasonal items are sent four times a year.

You can choose some of the items you want to put in the box, and the rest are surprises. Then find more of your favorite items on the add-on sale (additional sale). The flash sale, which is open all year round, is packed with member benefits such as up to 70% off new products.


Alltrue (CauseBox) Price: $49.95 Frequency: Seasonal (shipped 4 times a year)

Every season, you can get a limited edition product with contributions of up to $ 250 or more for only $49.95 (free shipping).

The company finds hundreds of products and carefully selects only the best products from all categories, including large accessories, natural skincare, and homeware.

One of the most popular features is box customization available to all members.

Each season, you can produce hundreds of product combinations and personalize your box to suit your style and taste.

Choose the color and style of the tote bag, or choose a box for a completely different type of product, and you’ll be guaranteed to like the contents of the box!

alltrue の女性用サブスクリプションボックス

Ipsy Price: $ 13 Frequency: Monthly

Ipsy is a great way to try out new makeup and cosmetics or start slightly different skincare.

This is also the My Subscription Addiction site and has been selected as the leader’s choice for 2021.

A feature of Ipsy subscriptions is that the content is different for each customer. When you subscribe, you will be asked a few questions, such as your skin color and taste.

Ultimately, based on the answer, we will ship the product that suits you. I’m also happy that you can choose some of the products you want.

There are three courses in the subscription.

  • Glam Box ($ 13): The most affordable start, but each time contains 5 sample cosmetics.
  • Glam Box Plus ($ 28): Five full-size items in a neat bag, three of which you can choose for yourself. Contains items worth over $120 in total.
  • Glam Box X ($ 55): A set of 7 to 8 full-size items (3 items can be selected) for a total of $ 500. It can be purchased monthly or can be customized additionally.
Ipsy  の女性用コスメ サブスク定期購入便をアメリカから海外通販

BoxyCharm Price: $27.99, $39.99, $59.99 Frequency: Monthly

BoxyCharm is a popular store for makeup lovers, with five full-size items each month and cosmetics that are relatively expensive at retail prices in general.

If you want to learn the excitement of opening a new eyeshadow palette and the trendy beauty techniques, this box is for you.

There are three elective courses:

  • BoxyCharm Base ($ 27.99): For just $ 27.99 a month, you can get 5 full-size products worth up to $ 175. One product can be selected from the five products. 
  • ($ 28): Five full-size items are in a neat bag, three of which you can choose for yourself. Contains items worth over $ 120 in total.
  • BoxyCharm Premium ($ 39.99): The monthly premium box contains six full-size makeup products worth up to $ 175. You can choose 2 out of 6 products.
  • BoxyCharm Luxe ($ 59.99): Includes eight full-size items worth up to $ 505, averaging $ 390, two of which are selectable. It also includes products that have not landed in Japan and cosmetics that have become a hot topic in the United States.

You can change the course, so if you are satisfied with the products you receive, you can 

upgrade on the way.

BoxyCharm 女性用コスメの海外通販サブスクリプション 定期購入便

Subscription for men

Hygge Box Price: $ 36, $ 49 Frequency: Monthly

Hygge Box sells products influenced by the Danish lifestyle.

Hygge is a Danish word for “cozy space” or “fun time”.

It also means a slow time, a humble attitude every day, a feeling of gratitude and peace of mind, and even a connection with a loved one.

The Hygge Box, which creates a hygge moment, is packed with a selection of items from all over the world.

Candles, mugs, tea, sweets, lighting fixtures, interior goods, bath items, etc. will surely heal your daily life.

There are two types of subscriptions, standard and deluxe.

Sprezza Box Price: $ 28 Frequency: Monthly

Sprezza Box subscription for fashionable men.

With 4 to 6 pieces of practical men’s wear such as ties, tie clips, pocket squares, socks, etc., it is perfect for those who are looking for a slightly brilliant business casual.

Every month, the Sprezza Box team selects products from fashion, lifestyle, and grooming packages.

The average retail price of the contents is $100, and you can get products that are more than three times as valuable as the amount you paid.

Even for men who are not confident in fashion, it is a very easy way to enjoy fashion as a regular gift from your wife to your husband.

You can also buy other sunglasses and accessories at up to 80% off.

sprezzabox  の男性用日用品サブスクリプションボックス 定期購入便

Dollar Shave Club Price: $ 5.00 Frequency: Selectable

Nothing can ruin a day more than a razor for a man.

If you’re still shaving with cheap blades from convenience stores and drug stores, why not start using a good razor?

But what should I choose?

The Dollar Shave Club subscription has a customizable box and carefully selected essential items to keep your new products such as razors, shaving products, shower items, oral care products, skin care products, hair styling products, etc. clean.

This is a convenient service that allows you to send new products when your product is about to run out.

Dollar Shave Club 男性用ヒゲソリ サブスクリプションボックス 定期購入便

Are you ready to subscribe?

Many stores in the United States offer subscription services, and stores specializing in subscriptions are also very popular.

Please take this opportunity to try a subscription box from the U.S. If you register as a free member with OPAS, you can easily enjoy individual imports of subscriptions and overseas mail orders.

 When you receive your subscription box with OPAS, we will open the box and check the contents like any other baggage.

This is because it is necessary for the shipper to confirm that there are no aviation dangerous goods (manicure, hairspray, perfume, etc.) and that there are no differences from the contents declared to the customs.

If you can choose the contents of your subscription box, make sure your product does not contain dangerous goods!

In addition, the stores introduced in this blog often select and introduce stores that handle products that are not certified as dangerous goods, but we cannot confirm all the products until they reach OPAS.

Please note that there may be differences in the facts. Sign up with OPAS package forwarding today!

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