Bath & body works personal import guide

Online shopping at the famous Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is a must-visit for people when they go to the United States. Bath & Bodyworks has a lineup of body care products such as body creams, lotions, and body mists to satisfy women’s hearts, from colors to packaging to scents.

Some products can be purchased online, but the products you can choose are limited.

Then why not buy online directly from a well-stocked American store?

However, there are some things to be aware of when importing from this popular store.

Therefore, for everyone to enjoy personal imports with peace of mind, OPAS has compiled a guide for personal import purchases by Bath & Body Works.

Items that can be purchased at Bath and Bodyworks

Many Bath and Bodyworks products can be purchased from international stores, but some products, such as perfumes, contain alcohol and may be subject to shipping restrictions when imported.

However, the following products do not usually contain a high percentage of alcohol, such as perfumes, so they can be shipped anywhere if there are no import restrictions.

  • Body cream
  • Body lotion
  • Shower gel
  • Body scrub
  • hand soap
  • Candle

As an exception, in countries where carriers accept the shipment of small quantities of flammable liquids, products containing alcohol can also be generally shipped under the following conditions:

  • The maximum net quantity is 30g / 30ml per product package.
  • Within 300g / 300ml in total per box

For shipping restricted/prohibited items, please refer to “List of restricted/prohibited items from the United States.”

If you are worried about purchasing products from American stores yourself, please use the “assisted shopping service.

An example of products that can be purchased at Bath and Bodyworks

Many products from Bath and Bodyworks are difficult to judge, but the following are examples of products that can be mail-ordered overseas without any problems.

  • Pocket backhand sanitizer (5 packs, one fl ounce / 29 ml)
  • Wall Flower Fragrance Refill (0.8 fl oz / 24 ml) – You must purchase a wallflower fragrance plug separately to use this fragrance refill.
  • Mini perfume spray (0.23 ounce / 7 ml non-aerosol)
  • Car Fragrance Refill (0.2 fl oz / 6 ml) – there is no limit to the maximum net amount of 5 liters or less per content package for shipping car fragrances.

Although they are products that can be purchased, depending on customs, it may be subject to the “regulation of cosmetics and toiletries” described in the “List of Restricted Items / Contrabands from the United States,” so be careful after checking.

Conditions and handling fees for handling dangerous goods when personally imported from the United States

Commonly, flammable liquids with a content that cannot be shipped internationally, such as perfumes with high alcohol content, are treated as dangerous goods. A handling fee for hazardous goods is incurred.

In addition, it maybe necessary to use a special shipping box for shipping dangerous goods. Shipping is calculated by comparing the package’s actual weight with the dimensional weight. The larger one is the shipping cost, so even a small amount of dangerous goods has a dimensional weight of 13 pounds.

Please understand that such dangerous goods will cost more than $ 250, including shipping and handling fees, depending on the shipping address.

In this case, the available carriers will be determined based on the country of delivery, city, and zip code.

For shipments to other countries, please contact OPAS Customer Service so that they can check if dangerous goods services are available in country of destination.

* For reference, please check “Regulated / Contraband (Lithium battery / Dangerous goods).

For example, the following items can be purchased and shipped to some countries, but they are treated as dangerous goods.

  • Fine fragrance mist (8 fluid ounces / 236 ml)
  • Eau de Parfum (2.5 fl oz / 75 ml)
  • Full-size hand sanitizer (7.6 fl oz / 225 ml)

An example of a product that OPAS cannot handle

Hand sanitizer spray (3 fl oz / 88 ml non-aerosol, mist type) – Aerosols (spray cans) cannot be handled at OPAS.

Please refer to the “List of Restricted/Contraband Items from the United States.

Customers have been buying Bath & Body Works products through OPAS for a long time. Still, if you know the above precautions in advance, you can enjoy personal import without worrying about purchasing.

If you have never used OPAS before, please take this opportunity to register as a free member and use it.