The Benefits of Adding Shared Members to your OPAS Account

Our shared member feature is especially helpful when it comes to having friends and family that want to use your OPAS account to shop. We’ve offered this service to OPAS members for over 10 years. It started as a customized feature for distributors when we realized that all of our members could utilize it to optimize their shipping needs.

Interested in learning more? In this post, we review the added benefits of including other users to your account, how to set up new users, and common Q’s and A’s related to the feature.


Benefit #1 – Your Users can Receive Packages Under their Name

If you are sharing an account with someone it can be useful to have them listed as a shared member on the account so that packages can be addressed to them when arriving at OPAS.

By becoming a shared member your added users can also make any personal purchases that they desire while taking advantage of all the benefits that OPAS offers without having to order through you.


Benefit #2 – More People to Consolidate Packages With

If you have multiple users ordering packages to your OPAS mailing address save even more money by consolidating your packages together. If you and your family/friends live outside of the US and want to avoid international shipping costs this can be a really great option.

Rather than each of you purchasing an item from the US and paying an additional $30-$100 in international shipping fees simply send all your packages to your OPAS address and fit it in one consolidated package to decrease your combined costs. Plus you’ll find that most US retailers now ship for free anywhere in the contiguous United States so you can save on the shipping fee completely and save from shipping fewer boxes.


Benefit #3 – Pass the Savings Along to Others

Share your overall savings with others by adding them to your OPAS account. When you include shared members they receive all the same benefits as you do like consolidating packages, saving money by shopping in the US, utilizing our personal shopper feature, quality inspections, and more.


Benefit #4 – Order Higher Quantities During Sales

Another benefit to having multiple members on your account is the ability to order additional products during those sales that have a quantity per person limit placed on them. We see this often during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Since products are in high depend and customers like to stock up during discount season stores will often put a disclaimer with a limit. If you have a shared member on your account you can simply place a second order under their name but still have it shipped to your OPAS address. Always make sure to double-check first that the recipient is okay with you ordering under their name.


Shared Member Costs

Users must have either a Premium or Premium Plus account to add Shared Members. The service is not currently available for Free account members.

For Premium Members the service is $8/month or $30/year for each added member.

For Premium Plus Members the service is free but a $5/shared member fee is applied if OPAS adds shared members on the customer’s behalf. (Premium Plus is for distributors only).


How to Add Members

Adding new users to your OPAS account is simple. Follow the instructions listed in this section. If you get stuck along the way feel free to reach out to our customer service team at

  1.  Go to [Account Profile] page
  2.  Make sure your Membership Plan is “Premium” or “Distributor” (Distributor membership is only for distributors).

    If it’s a FREE Package only plan, please click on Edit to upgrade to the PREMIUM PLUS plan.

  1.  Scroll down and click on Add shared members.

    Add First Name, Last Name, and Distributor ID  


Please add them right after you place any future orders.

For distributors, please review your shared member account information before placing your order to the store to ensure that it will arrive in the correct account to avoid any holds on the package.


Questions and Answers

Curious to know more? We’ve listed a few common questions and answers below related to the Shared Member feature below.


Q |  Will my Shared Members use my login user and password? Or will they be required to create their own?

A |  The Shared Member will not have an additional login so it is up to the account holder if they want to share their login details with their added member.


Q |  How is the feature billed? Will my shared members pay the added fee or is it added to my bill?

A |  The Shared Member fee will be billed to the default payment method on file. If the member chooses to be billed annually then the shared member fee will be prorated. For example, if the member adds someone to their account 3 months after their billing cycle then they will only be charged for 9 months for that year.


Q |  How many users can I add to my OPAS account?

A |  There is not a limit to the number of Shared Members you can add. Initially, when signing up there are 5 spaces to add members but you can add more once you are logged into your account.


Q |  Will they see all of my incoming items?

A |  Yes, if they log in with your account information they will see the incoming items on the account.


Q |  Can I take users off of my OPAS account?

A |  Yes, you can delete users.


Q |  Do I pay per member that I add or do I pay a one-time fee for multiple users?

A |  The Shared Member fee is charged per each new member.


We hope you found this post useful in understanding how the Shared Member feature works. If you have any feedback or run into any additional questions when setting up a new member on your account our customer service is always here to help. Just give us a call or send an email and we can walk you through the process. Contact us here.

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