Smaller US Stores Can Ship Internationally with Package Forwarding

Smaller US Stores: Ship to Foreign Shoppers with Package Forwarding Yesterday the New York Times ran an article describing how stores like Macy’s and J-Crew are learning to ship to foreign shoppers by offering international shipping through their websites. What the article didn’t touch on was smaller US stores, which may not have the same … Read more

Secrets To Cutting Costs On International Shipping For Small Businesses

More International Shipping Options For Small Businesses With Package Forwarding This month, the UPS blog published an article titled “9 Secrets For Shipping Smarter, Doing Business Better, and Cutting Costs.” Although it’s full of good tips for businesses that want to reduce shipping costs, they left out one of the biggest international shipping options for … Read more

Example: How WakeMate Uses Package Forwarding To Ship Internationally

Unique Products Such As WakeMate See Demand For International Shipping One of the most attractive features of package forwarding services is that they give customers all over the world access to some truly unique products that simply aren’t available, at any price, in other countries. Few products are as unique as the WakeMate, a product … Read more

International Shipping Options For Small Businesses

Package Forwarding Makes Exporting Overseas Simple, Low-Risk The online business magazine has recently published an article that describes the Obama administration’s push to get small businesses into global markets. While the article mostly discusses the manufacturing industry, many of the issues facing small manufacturers also apply to small US businesses that sell directly to … Read more

Two Questions About International Shipping for Small Business

The small business news website Small Business Trends has recently identified two burning questions about shipping on the minds of small business owners and entrepreneurs at the GrowCo conference in Las Vegas. The questions are: How do you ship internationally? How do you save money on shipping? We can answer both of those questions better … Read more

Take Your Small Business Global With Package Forwarding

The American market for nearly any kind of product is huge, but for a small business to really reach its full potential, it needs to think about expanding internationally. Just as the Internet and online shopping have allowed local businesses to expand beyond their immediate region, package forwarding services can solve a lot of the … Read more