Personal Shopping Services Can Help You Enjoy The Best US Brands

Here at OPAS, our team members work constantly to find new and better ways to help our customers. We want you to have easy access to the brands you want — even U.S. brands that might have complicated restrictions, shipping procedures, and other issues for us to handle. OPAS has worked hard to make our … Read more

Heartbleed: a Courtesy Message from OPAS

If you’re not aware, the wide world of the internet and E-commerce was recently rocked by the revelation of the Heartbleed bug, which was an error in the code of OpenSSL, the secure socket layer encryption software used by many major websites. This bug may have exposed millions of users’ sensitive information to data thieves; … Read more

Have You Heard About… WOOT!

Welcome to Have You Heard About…, which will be a recurring feature on our OPAS blog, designed to alert our primarily international customer base about websites that you may not be aware of, because they primarily serve a US or Japanese customer base. As an OPAS customer, however, you have a US and Japanese address, … Read more

OPAS and PayPal!

In order to grant greater versatility, security and control over the package-forwarding process, OPAS is proud to offer PayPal as a payment method for our customers! Starting August 1st, 2013 you’ll be able to use the world’s most secure way to pay online to make payments for package forwarding with OPAS! If you elect PayPal … Read more

Use PayPal to Buy from US Online Stores that Require a US Billing Address

Buy from US Online Stores Even if Your Billing and Shipping Address Don’t Match Many US online stores don’t accept international credit cards because they view them as “risky” payment methods. But even when stores do accept international credit cards, there is another obstacle that often makes it impossible for you to complete your purchase … Read more