Apple’s Next Big Event: October 15th?

As you may or may not be aware, the Apple iPhone 5s and 5c have launched today, with a corresponding fervor of fast sales and long lines to get these highly anticipated products. OPAS technicians were placing Personal Shopper orders for our customers as soon as we opened this morning, in order to minimize shipping … Read more

Compare Item Sizes When Shopping with a Package Forwarding Address

How Package Forwarding Shoppers Can Compare Product Sizes One of the disadvantages to using a package forwarding address to buy from US stores is that you can’t get a sense of an item’s size as easily as you can by walking into a physical store. Items like clothing or shoes are fairly easy to estimate … Read more

Want to Buy & Ship Products with Lithium Ion Batteries from the US?

Get New Devices Overseas with Package Forwarding For package forwarding shoppers, some of the most attractive products to buy from the US are consumer electronics. From laptop computers to mobile phones, US stores offer a lot of cool tech devices earlier and cheaper than stores in most other countries. But because these products contain lithium … Read more