Memorial Day Sales Mean Big Savings For Shoppers

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day means a lot of different things depending on who you talk to. Seeing old friends and family members, enjoying a day off from work, and relaxing are all just a few examples. Another that you’ll see mentioned many times is the fact that some holidays mean big sales and specials for shoppers. Memorial … Read more

How to Benefit from 0% US Sales Tax and Memorial Day Sales!

Making the most of the OPAS Oregon advantage can be especially interesting during the yearly recurring sales in the US. One of the biggest sales that take place every year is the Memorial Day sales; in fact, it’s happening right now! Getting the best prices Getting the lowest prices isn’t always easy when you do … Read more

Tips for Shopping US Memorial Day Sales from Overseas

Memorial Day May 28, 2012 Next Monday in the United States we celebrate Memorial Day. On this day we remember with appreciation those that fought for our freedom as we became a nation and have defended that and the freedom of others since then. And, as a bonus, we get a day off from work. … Read more