Package Forwarding Tips: Shipping Lithium-Ion Batteries

One of the types of items that we find OPAS members are most interested in shipping are hand-held electronics like smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable data devices and media players. In order for these items to carry the longest possible charge away from an outlet, the manufacturers of these devices use Lithium-Ion batteries to … Read more

US Postal Service: the right choice for your Package Forwarding?

Today, we’re going to discuss shipment by the US Postal Service options, Express Mail International and Priority Mail International, and what it means for your international forwarding. First, to dispel a popular misconception: USPS shipment is NOT less expensive than private courier shipment like DHL. There are two main reasons for this: 1. As US Post … Read more

USPS to Stop Shipping Electronics from the US

Electronic devices are some of the post popular items to buy from the US and ship overseas with a package forwarding service. But as of May 16th, the United States Postal Service will no longer ship Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle, smartphones, laptops, and other electronic items containing lithium ion batteries outside the US. The business … Read more

The Best Things to Buy from the US in April

Package forwarding shoppers don’t have to live in the US to take advantage of US sales cycles. April is the start of spring, and that means most US stores are going to be trying to make room for new inventory by offering big sales. But typical winter items aren’t the only things that are good … Read more

Want to Buy & Ship Products with Lithium Ion Batteries from the US?

Get New Devices Overseas with Package Forwarding For package forwarding shoppers, some of the most attractive products to buy from the US are consumer electronics. From laptop computers to mobile phones, US stores offer a lot of cool tech devices earlier and cheaper than stores in most other countries. But because these products contain lithium … Read more

World’s Cheapest MacBook Pro? International Shipping on Refurbished Apple Products

Buy Refurbished to Save Even More on Mac & Other Apple Products Apple fans around the world know that the US Apple Store sells the MacBook Pro, iPad 2, unlocked iPhone 4, or iAnythingElse much cheaper than the Apple stores in other countries. (We still ship iPad 2s regularly, even now that they’re available around … Read more