Have You Heard About… Thinkgeek?

Where can you get… Your very own lightsaber? The various sonic screwdrivers of the various Doctors? A Mr. Potato Head styled after Iron Man? All of these wonderful toys, doodads and knickknacks can be found at Thinkgeek.com. If you’re at all interested in buying the items they sell, odds are good you may have heard … Read more

Have You Heard About… Etsy?

We find that some of our customers may not be aware of some of even the largest e-commerce companies out there, particularly those who don’t offer universal international shipping. Etsy just may be one of those sorts – it’s very big here in the US because it’s a great way to browse, purchase and sell … Read more

Have You Heard About… Simplehuman?

Thanks for reading Have You Heard About…, where we highlight a merchant that our international customers may not know about, because either they’re a smaller operation, or just starting out, or because they don’t offer international shipping as an option. Today’s focused merchant, www.simplehuman.com, is definitely in that last category. They’re definitely well known, as … Read more

Have You Heard About… WOOT!

Welcome to Have You Heard About…, which will be a recurring feature on our OPAS blog, designed to alert our primarily international customer base about websites that you may not be aware of, because they primarily serve a US or Japanese customer base. As an OPAS customer, however, you have a US and Japanese address, … Read more