How to Avoid Online Shopping Fraud

Online Shopping Fraud | OPAS Blog

Within the current age of the internet, increased usage and accessibility has made it significantly easier for scammers to commit online shopping fraud. This can be attributed to the anonymity that internet users can take on and the implementation of digital payment methods. According to We Are Social, there are now more than 4 billion … Read more

Heartbleed: a Courtesy Message from OPAS

If you’re not aware, the wide world of the internet and E-commerce was recently rocked by the revelation of the Heartbleed bug, which was an error in the code of OpenSSL, the secure socket layer encryption software used by many major websites. This bug may have exposed millions of users’ sensitive information to data thieves; … Read more

International Shipping Fraud? Package Forwarding Is Your Solution

Using A Package Forwarding Service Can Help Prevent International Shipping Fraud Unfortunately, it’s a common problem: international “customers” who purchase from your website using stolen credit card information. By the time the card is reported stolen, your merchandise is already out of the country and impossible to recover. In some cases, this problem is so … Read more

The 7 Sins of Package Forwarding!

How NOT to Enjoy USA Online Shopping & International Shipping Package forwarding makes it easy and fun to shop online in the USA and get international shipping to anywhere in the world. We’re always amazed at the creative ways our members come up with use your US address and ship packages! But here are some … Read more