Declaring Package Forwarding Shipments for International Shipping

Declare Your Package Forwarding Shipments For Faster Processing Your package forwarding address lets you shop online at USA stores and get overseas shipping. But before you can ship internationally, you’ll need to declare the details of your packages. So that your shipment can be processed as quickly as possible, you should declare your items after … Read more

The 7 Sins of Package Forwarding!

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Get International Shipping from Gourmet Food Stores

Package Forwarding Delivers Specialty Foods Around the World Everyone loves food! And the internet makes it easy to shop online for your favorite specialty foods. Whether you like sweet or savory, gourmet foods can be a delicious treat for yourself, or perfect gift for nearly any occasion. Since most gourmet and specialty food stores rely … Read more

Two Questions About International Shipping for Small Business

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3 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Import Duties on Package Forwarding

Package forwarding will save you money by letting you shop at online stores in the United States for lower retail prices than in your home country. But what happens when you import your purchases? In some cases, you may be responsible for duties assessed by the customs authority of your country. Here’s how to avoid … Read more