The Benefits of Declaring Items in Advance When Shipping Internationally

Declaring Items Cover | OPAS Blog

If you ship internationally at all, it’s important to understand how customs works and what declaring items means when you are shipping a package. When shipping with OPAS there are benefits to declaring your items with us in advance, one major benefit being the time saved. In this post, we’ll dive into what it means … Read more

Package Forwarding Tips: Consolidate to Maximize Savings!

Package Forwarding Tips: Consolidate to Maximize Savings!

We have a saying at OPAS: “the most expensive lb. of any shipment is the first one.” What that means is, if you’re able to send a combined shipment of items, it’s almost always preferable to sending multiple smaller shipments. That way, you’re only paying the additional “first lb.” of shipping rate once. It’s much … Read more

How To Consolidate Orders From Multiple Stores To Save On Shipping

Getting the best prices when you shop online is important, and in many cases it means buying from the US. But when you lack a US address, you may need the help of an affordable, trustworthy package forwarder. At OPAS, we are that forwarder. We make it easy to save big on your shopping and … Read more

US Postal Service: the right choice for your Package Forwarding?

Today, we’re going to discuss shipment by the US Postal Service options, Express Mail International and Priority Mail International, and what it means for your international forwarding. First, to dispel a popular misconception: USPS shipment is NOT less expensive than private courier shipment like DHL. There are two main reasons for this: 1. As US Post … Read more

Kaizen Update: Declaring Package Value

If you’ve read any of the posts on our OPAS blog lately, you may have come across our brief exposition on the principles of Kaizen – the practice and study of a constant state of improvement. We are constantly using Kaizen to improve the international shipping experience of our OPAS customers. Whenever we have a … Read more

Ship your Vacation Purchases Overseas using Package Forwarding

Summer Vacation Shopping Summer is approaching in the northern hemisphere and vacation plans are in the works. You might be planning to visit the US from overseas to tour our beautiful countryside and cities. Perhaps you have family here or even have an upcoming business trip. You know how you like to shop for yourself, … Read more

Smaller US Stores Can Ship Internationally with Package Forwarding

Smaller US Stores: Ship to Foreign Shoppers with Package Forwarding Yesterday the New York Times ran an article describing how stores like Macy’s and J-Crew are learning to ship to foreign shoppers by offering international shipping through their websites. What the article didn’t touch on was smaller US stores, which may not have the same … Read more

Send Gifts from the US with Your Package Forwarding Account

Surprise a Friend with Gifts from US Online Stores You problably took advantage of your US package forwarding address this holiday season to order gifts from the US to give to friends and relatives. But did you know you could have had those gifts sent directly to your friends’ homes from your own package forwarding … Read more

3 Reasons Why You Need International Shipping Insurance (Or Don’t)

International Shipping Insurance Based On Country, Carrier, and Seller Package forwarding is a safe, reliable, easy, and inexpensive way to buy from the US and ship your items internationally. But if you can’t help getting nervous when sending your purchases internationally, you can always opt for extra insurance. Since insurance is optional with international package … Read more