Get The Best Tech

We noticed a technological trend in items our members are purchasing this month, take a look at our top 5 below. Also make a note of the sales coming in the next couple of weeks, like back to school sales (technology and great bedding and clothes) and Labor Day Sales for the first week of … Read more

ClamCase Extravanganza!

Here at OPAS, we’re accustomed to seeing a lot of popular items that don’t ship outside the United States; allowing access for our international members to these products is one of the best features to our package forwarding service, after all! Sometimes, we’ll get a “rush” of a particular item, as the manufacturer rolls out … Read more

OPAS Partners With ClamCase to Offer International Shipping

ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case & Stand Now Available for International Shipping We’re happy to anounce today that we’ve partered with ClamCase, makers of a truly unique iPad accessory, to offer international shipping through our package forwarding service. The ClamCase is an Apple-style keyboard for your iPad that doubles (triples?) as a case and stand! Now … Read more