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How Package Forwarding Works

STEP 1: Get a US Address

Register with OPAS and you'll get a unique, personalized package forwarding address in US.

Step 2: Buy from US Stores

Use your new US package forwarding address to buy from any store in the US. Just enter your new address as the shipping address when you check out on a store’s website. Your order will be shipped to your package forwarding address and stored in your mailbox.

Step 3: Ship Your Packages Anywhere in the World!

Log in to your OPAS account to see the packages in your account and choose when to ship them to your home in any country around the world. You can forward packages one at a time, or combine them into one large box to save on international shipping costs.

Why Package Forwarding service?

- You can order from US stores that do not ship internationally.

- You can consolidate orders from multiple stores to save on international shipping.

- You can purchase goods from stores that do not accept any international credit card. (OPAS Personal Shopper service)


- Plans Start at $0 per month.

- NO US Sales Tax – GUARANTEED!!!

- Save On Shipping Costs by Consolidating your purchases.

- No Hidden Fees.

- Your Packages are handled with care.

- Hands-on Customer Service Team.

- US Address Address provided.

- Prepaid Card with your own US Billing Address.

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