Package Forwarding from U.S. to Japan

In the U.S you can purchase many products at lower prices than they sell in other countries.

Package forwarding from the U.S. to Japan:

  • Buy your favorite U.S. Products & Brands and have them delivered anywhere in the world
  • Package forward from the U.S. to Japan
  • OPAS gives you a U.S. Address so you can package forward from Japan.

Follow the steps below to have your online purchases shipped from the U.S. to Japan!


1)  Signup and get your OPAS US Address to Package Forward from the U.S. to Japan

We make the signup process easy. Once a signup is complete you can start using your US or Japan address to start shopping online.

2) Start Shopping Online

Go to your favorite shopping sites and start buying what you were not able to buy before. Take advantage of sales and discounts and save money. Ship U.S. purchases to your U.S. Address and your Japan purchases to your Japan Address.

3) Ship your purchases to your US Address

OPAS receives your package: We will send you an email confirmation when we receive your package. Then login to your account center and view the details about the package (who it’s from, the tracking number, etc). If you’d like, we will take a picture of the item or scan documents you can view online over our encrypted connection.

Package Consolidation to save money: You can save on shipping costs by sending a number of items to your OPAS address and requesting consolidation. We can combine all orders into a single shipment (one shipment is much less costly than 3 or 4 separate shipments — and you can save a bundle this way). OPAS give you a FREE 30 DAY STORAGE OF PACKAGES, so take your time and plan on consolidating to save money.

4) Request International Shipment

  • When you’re done shopping and have all the items have arrived at your OPAS Address, you can log in to your account center and request us to ship them to you almost anywhere in the world (currently we ship to over 200 countries).
  • Review and declare the contents of your packages on your OPAS item manager page. This information will be applied directly to your customs clearance documents Make sure there are no errors! Then just submit the shipping request, select your carrier or request a carrier estimate so you can find the lowest price.
  • We’ll handle the rest. OPAS maintains a reputation of providing personal attention and detailed service to our customers every step of the way.

5) Questions or Concerns during the process

If you have any concerns or questions during any part of the process our customer service agents are ready to help. They can help you to select the best carrier for your country, answer customs or duties questions or help with payment information as needed.

How much does OPAS package forwarding and mail forwarding from Japan cost?

Package Forwarding Service Overview
Package Forwarding Service Rates
Shipping Calculator

If you have any questions about any part of the process please contact our customer service team and they will be happy to answer any and all questions you have.