U.S.A. Nu Skin Products

 U.S. Nu Skin Products Shipped Worldwide

Get Nu Skin Products from the U.S. Delivered Anywhere In The World!

Nu Skin products are the world’s leading anti-aging and skin care supplements, yet they aren’t available worldwide. Now, you can receive your Nu Skin products anywhere in the world using package forwarding from OPAS.

Order from Nu Skin Using Your OPAS US Address

When you order from Nu Skin using your OPAS US address, Nu Skin sends your order to OPAS, then OPAS sends your order to you, anywhere in the world. And since your OPAS US address is in a tax-free state, you won’t have to pay any sales tax. Click here to register as PREMIUM PLUS membership for an OPAS US address now!  Please note this membership is required for Nu Skin forwarding service.

How It Works

  1. Get an International Product Purchase Agreement from Nu Skin USA. This International Agreement lets you to order US products using your Nu Skin distributor ID. Please contact Nu Skin USA directly.
  2. Sign Up For an OPAS US Address. Not only will an OPAS address let you get Nu Skin products anywhere in the world, you’ll also get them US sales tax-free!
  3. Place an Order with NuSkin. Just use your OPAS US address as the shipping address when you order with NuSkin.
  4. You have two options for delivery, auto shipping or ship at your convenience.

Shipping Rates

Please see our shipping calculator.

Per industry standard, OPAS charges according to the actual weight of a shipment or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater. (If your package is light but very large, you will be charged by dimensional weight.)



Q: Which membership should I signup for forwarding Nu Skin products?
A: Please note Premium Plus membership is required for Nu Skin forwarding service.

Q: Can I share my OPAS account with multiple Nu Skin Distributor IDs?
A: Yes, you can. Please add additional members as shared members to your OPAS account from Account Profile page.

Q: Can I consolidate multiple orders?
A: Yes. OPAS will consolidate multiple Nu Skin orders into a single shipment to reduce shipping costs. Because Nu Skin orders are normally forwarded automatically, please select “NO” for a question “Would you like to forward your Nu Skin orders automatically?” in Account Profile page if you wish to consolidate your orders.

Q: Can I consolidate Nu Skin products with orders from other companies?
A: Yes.  Because Nu Skin orders are normally forwarded automatically, please select “No” for a question,  “Would you like to forward your Nu Skin orders automatically?” in Account Profile page if you wish to consolidate your orders.

Q: What happens if there is any missing, wrong or damaged item delivered from Nu Skin to OPAS?
A: OPAS will forward your Nu Skin orders to your default shipping address by the least expensive shipping method and default payment method as soon as it arrives at OPAS if auto shipping is selected. If there are any back order items, damaged items, missing or wrong items, we will ship all available items without holding the shipment. As long as the plastic seal of the box containing supplements is not damaged, it will be shipped as is even if the box is dented.  Any order sent from Nu Skin separately will be forwarded separately.  Please contact Nu Skin directly to request replacement.

Q: How long can you keep my order at OPAS?
A: Our free storage period is 30 days and storage fees of $1/day will be charged automatically when the shipment is processed.  Any package held for 60 days will be automatically discarded. You can always view your request status from Pending Requests or Request History on your OPAS account.

Q: Are my orders insured?
A: No.  If you select automatic forwarding, all Nu Skin orders sent by OPAS are automatically insured against loss or damage.  OPAS charges an insurance fee of 2% of the total cost of the items shipped.

Q: Which carrier do you use?
A: For automatic forwarding option, UPS or Fedex services are mainly used.  For non automatic forwarding option, you can select your preferred carrier when sending us a shipping request.

Q: Can OPAS contact Nu Skin for me?
A: Yes.  We can contact Nu Skin and the inquiry fee is $15/order or shipment.  Even though our regular inquiry fee to the store is $30, we offer discounted fee to our PREMIUM PLUS members.    In order for us to promptly process your inquiry, please submit an Inquiry request from [Inquiry Request] page.

  • OPAS contacts Nu Skin for an order that is not delivered to OPAS yet
  • OPAS contacts Nu Skin for a wrong, missing, or damaged, or back order item and arranging replacement from Nu Skin (returning wrong item)
  • OPAS contacts Nu Skin for return
  • OPAS contacts Nu Skin for an ingredient list / invoice on  behalf of a customer when more information is required for customs clearance.

Q: Are there any restricted products that may cause trouble at the customs in my country?
A: Customs in some countries restrict which goods can be imported. To avoid trouble at customs, please contact your local authorities in advance about any restrictions that may apply to your Nu Skin order. OPAS will not be responsible for any problems that may occur at customs. You may also check our Restricted Commodities page.  As restrictions vary by country, please check carefully before ordering or setting up ADR.

Due to the continued difficult situation to European countries, we will not be able to ship any supplements to Austria, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, or Norway.  Thank you for your understanding.

The following are questions you may want to ask your local customs authority:

For Supplements

  • Is it prohibited for importing?
  • Is it necessary to have a health certificate?
  • Is it necessary to have an import license?
  • Is there any quantity limitation per month/shipment?

For Beauty Products

  • Is it necessary to have products quarantined?
  • Is there any import duty or tax?