Your Questions About Shipping Pt. 1

We recently sat down with our OPAS Warehouse Manager, Steve. He is in charge of your orders from the moment they come through our doors until they are consolidated and securely packaged and ready to be sent to you. Steve shared with us some of the common questions that our customers ask about receiving and shipping.

What happens from the time my package arrives to when it leaves?

Steve: First, each item that comes in is registered into our system. Where it came from, the tracking number and the weight are recorded and it is labeled with a unique number. All the packages are stored together by the member’s ID number until we get a shipping request to send them out. The ID numbers of the items to be shipped together are printed out on what we call a “pick ticket”. The items are then consolidated, usually into a single package. Then we measure and weigh it to calculate the shipping charges. When customers want a shipping estimate or are paying by PayPal, we wait to get payment approval, and finally we print out the shipping label and send it on its way.

I can’t find some of my items in my OPAS account. Were are they?

S: First of all, the tracking numbers of all packages are scanned and marked as “delivered” by most delivery services (like UPS and FedEx) when they arrive at our warehouse. However, packages delivered by the US Postal Service are scanned and marked as “delivered” before they are loaded onto the Post Office delivery trucks. The actual time we receive the packages from the post office may be several hours after it shows up as “delivered” in the system. In other words, you may track it as being delivered hours before it even arrives at OPAS. Recently we have had issues where some packages are marked “delivered” to us actually days before they reach OPAS. This is a serious issue and we are in contact with our local post office to resolve this issue. Please feel free to contact us if you are seeing a USPS package tracked as delivered, but not appearing in our system. But chances are this is what has happened and hopefully we won’t be seeing this anymore soon.

We get a lot of inquires asking about packages that should have arrived on Saturday. We are not open on the weekends, so we wouldn’t have seen them yet. Our carriers know when this and bring us all the weekend deliveries on Monday. Also, Amazon contracts out many of their deliveries to private contractors who promise to make deliveries on the weekend. Our customers sometimes get an email telling them that a delivery attempt was made, but that no one was there to accept the package. In this case there is nothing the OPAS customer needs to do. We will receive your package the following Monday. So make sure you don’t pay extra for weekend delivery!

We receive deliveries from the post office and every other shipping company until the early afternoon every weekday. Any one of these deliveries can be hundreds of packages, which have to be registered one by one. So it may be a few hours between the time we receive a delivery to the time it is input into our system. Please be a little patient!

Shouldn’t scanning each package go faster than that?

S: Electronic scanners are fast, but they can’t do everything. They can’t check for any damage a package has received in transit. When a package is damaged in delivery we need to contact the customer and the shipper as quickly as possible to get it resolved. There really isn’t any way make the process go quicker. We also have to deal with misdeliveries and mistaken orders, and it helps us speed things up when we know those things are coming. This is also true with hazardous materials. We inspect each package, input its measurements, and finish by putting a registration label on it.

What if I’d like to check on a package that OPAS has already received?

S: If you’d like to see a picture of what is inside your package, please select “Scan Request” on your received package. If you would like to make sure that the items you received were correct (i.e. size, color, model, quantity, etc…) please select the inspection option when you are ready to ship.

Where do you store my packages? Can you send out my order quickly?

S: After being registered, your packages are sorted and stored together based on your customer number inside the OPAS warehouse. When you make a shipping request it generates one of the pick tickets I mentioned earlier. Everything on the pick ticket is then collected. We double check to make sure all items are there and accounted for. It is our policy to process every request within 24 hours after receiving it, but special situations and delayed payments can cause it to take more time. Customers who pay for express delivery will get preferential treatment. At especially busy periods there are times when packages have to be pushed back to the next day. If you are in a real hurry to get your items, the best thing to do is let us know this in advance. For example, if you are waiting for certain items to arrive before placing your shipping request, declare or “add” the items you are expecting in your account, and then make a shipping request with the items that are already at OPAS. In the “special requests” section let us know you want to include the items you are waiting for. Then we can get your order processed without you having to wait until you get delivery confirmation to OPAS. This is also a good way to speed up your order processing without having to pay extra express delivery fees.

We will continue our conversation with Steve next month…

Subscribing To Our Newsletter Brings Big Benefits – Info About US Parcel Forwarding Service

Subscribing To Our Newsletter Brings Big Benefits - Info About US Parcel Forwarding Service

We believe in providing an excellent US parcel forwarding service that you can rely on to help you shop more effectively online and enjoy the big savings only available to US residents. Our US parcel forwarding service gives you an online digital Visa card that is attached to your forwarding address, making it easier than ever before to shop and take advantage of those big savings.

But we also want you to know that there are steps beyond just the basic US parcel forwarding service that can help you even more. For example, signing up to our newsletter is something that can offer tremendous benefits to you.

Subscribing To Our Newsletter Brings Big Benefits - Info About US Parcel Forwarding Service


These benefits include the following.

Heads Up On The Latest Sales – Our team doesn’t just provide a great US parcel forwarding service, we also love to shop too. Every newsletter, we’ll give you the lowdown on some of the hottest current and upcoming deals. This lets you rest easy knowing you’re not going to miss out on the best sales out there.

Special Deals –We’ll also connect you with great US parcel forwarding service deals and help you spot the best ways to get even more bang for your buck.

Coupons – Our team loves coupons, and the odds are that you do as well. We’ll provide you with great online coupons that can help you save even more money on those deals. This only enhances the results you get from a US parcel forwarding service.

In short, signing up for our newsletter makes it easy for you to connect with our team and find out all the best ways to use your US parcel forwarding service, and at the same time helps you find even better deals and prices. If you’re serious about your shopping – and we’re sure that you are – these newsletters are a perfect supplement to our already excellent US parcel forwarding service.

If you’re ready to save on special sales, contact us to set up your US parcel forwarding service. And to get even better results from it, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. It’s a smart move that will reward you in a big way.


Summer Sales, Shop With OPAS

summer sales

OPAS, the shipping service that clients call ‘helpful’, ‘reliable’ and ‘trustworthy’ opens up a world of shopping opportunities.  Would you like to go on a shopping spree and make use of the summer sales? We’ve put together a list of items and sales and items that caught our attention this week.


Fire Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Including Special Offers – $49.99

OZ Naturals products, setting the standard in naturally derived skincare Prices start at $15.79 for the best hyaluronic acid serum.

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack – Start the new school year in style $74.98 

Nike Women’s Free Rn Flyknit Running Shoe – run, walk or skip in style – Prices start at $84.10

Join the denim revolution at American Eagle with on trend jeans – Prices start at $49.95. 


Shop a wide range of daily discounts and sales at the Vitamin Shoppe, another OPAS favorite, get the supplements and vitamins you need at great prices. FREE Shipping to your OPAS address on orders of $25 or more. 

Passionate about technology and driven by innovation, ASUS aspires to bring you the best in technology. NewEgg has regular sales, helping you save even more. Prices for laptops start at only $379 with free or very low shipping rates to your OPAS address. 

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, what is it? 
In short, MAJOR markdowns on the hottest trends and brands. This sale really is too good to miss, because for a limited time, Nordstrom offers brand-new fall styles at seriously discounted prices.  Dates: July 22 – August 8.

Most if not all of these items will ship to your OPAS US address for FREE! 

On top of getting your favorite brands at great prices, did you know that with OPAS you are also saving up to 10% in US sales tax just by shipping your items to Oregon?

New to OPAS?

If you need any help getting started with your first shipment please let us know, our customer service team is here to help. Send us an email at, we are happy to answer any question you may have.

summer sales 

Father’s Day Savings – Save Big On Gifts

Father’s Day is coming up quickly, and that means that it’s time to show our dads just how much they mean to us. The right father’s day gift can say a lot about how much you care about the father in your life, but for many it’s not always easy to find the right gift at the right price. Luckily, setting up a US mail forwarding address can help dramatically.

The US Mail Forwarding Address, Father’s Day Savings, And You

A US mail forwarding address lets you shop for the perfect gift at any store online that is based in the USA without having to worry about shipping restrictions. Many companies online only offer their sales to you if you have a physical address in the US – even some that specialize in digital only products. That means that those living outside the US often end up having to pay more for their gifts. And with so many Father’s Day specials likely to be available during the days leading up to the holiday, it makes sense to take advantage of the specials available. Companies like, Ralph Lauren, and Abercrombie and Fitch all often run big specials, but they’ll only be available to those who are in the US.

Father's Day Savings

How Does A US Mail Forwarding Address Work?

With a US mail forwarding address, you just have to sign up to the service offered. You’ll get a physical US address that you can then use when shopping online. If you place an order, the order is shipped directly to your US mail forwarding address, and then we ship it from there back to you, wherever you are. It’s the easiest way to ship internationally that is available today. With a good US mail forwarding address service, you can take advantage of everything available online and capitalize on the big savings that come up during special holidays and routine US clearance sales offered by major retailers and brands. Father’s day is on the horizon, and it’s time that you showed him just how much he means. Take the time to set up your US mail forwarding address and you’ll be able to do so and save money in the process.

Save This Father’s Day With A US Mail Forwarding Address

We’re ready to help. OPAS has a dedicated team that believes in making sure you get the kind of results you deserve from your US mail forwarding address service. If you’re ready to start shopping the US deals that millions take advantage of, don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started setting up your new address. You will love our dedication and white glove service!

Memorial Day Sales Mean Big Savings For Shoppers

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day means a lot of different things depending on who you talk to. Seeing old friends and family members, enjoying a day off from work, and relaxing are all just a few examples. Another that you’ll see mentioned many times is the fact that some holidays mean big sales and specials for shoppers.

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day Sales

A perfect example of this are the memorial day sales, and every year when Memorial Day approaches those looking for big savings start to pay attention to the sales that are announced.

It’s become an American tradition, and stores from Target to to Ralph Lauren and even EBay all make sure that they offer big sales during the Memorial Day weekend. Over the last decade, technology has helped make it even easier to take advantage of these specials no matter where you are. Logging onto the internet provides a fast, easy way to browse all the various savings and to take advantage of the ones that appeal to you.

But an issue that some face is that if you lack a US address, many of the sales are simply off limits to you. Many companies only offer their sales to those in the US, and many others will refuse to ship out of the country due to added expense or hassle. This means that for some, the best Memorial Day sales are nothing but a dream.

One solution that is worth considering this Memorial Day is the use of a US mail forwarding service. These services let you set up a US mailing address to use when shopping online. Your packages are shipped to that address, then the service forwards them to you wherever you are. It’s the easiest solution out there and one that will let you take advantage of all of the savings that American retailers have.

Best of all, a US mail forwarding service is entirely legal and easy to set up and use for anyone. It’s great for citizens who are living abroad, enlisted military members, or anyone else who wants to get big savings during the Memorial Day Sales.  OPAS can make the entire process easy and painless. If you’re ready to find out more about this service and what it can do for you, contact us today to get started. It will make a huge difference in how you shop.

10 Strategies From Super Saver Shoppers

10 Strategies From Super Saver Shoppers

We’ve all heard about super saver shoppers before – those people who always seem to land tremendous deals or values and save huge amounts of money on all their purchases. But did you know that you don’t have to spend 7 hours a day cutting coupons in order to save big as well? There are a few basic tips worth keeping in mind that can help.

10 Strategies From Super Saver Shoppers

Here are 10 strategies from super saver shoppers to get the best price savings out there.

  1. Shop Online – This connects you to some of the best companies and best deals out there. Things like, for example, can often offer tremendous discounts on almost everything.
  2. Know the Sales – Sales like Black Friday or President’s Day sales are out there every year, and offer some steep discounts. Be sure to know which days to get the best values and use them to your advantage.
  3. Use Apps – Online apps can help you find the lowest prices for different products or even for low fuel prices in your area. Find the best money saving apps and use them.
  4. Get Free Shipping – When you order online, try to use a site that offers free shipping. If nothing else, free shipping on purchases over a certain price can help you in a big way.
  5. Home Maintenance – Doesn’t sound like a shopping tip, but it is. If you keep things like your ventilation system cleaned at home, you’ll reduce the amount of purchases you have to make regarding it. Home maintenance is always cheaper than home repair.
  6. Join Clubs – Things like Amazon Prime don’t just offer big discounts – they also offer free 2-day shipping. This can help you save and is well worth the investment of a membership purchase price.
  7. Daily Deals – Always check out the daily deals and weekly deals. Online sites offer great savings through these resources, and it’s worth checking into them regularly.
  8. Get A US mailing address – If you’re outside the US, you’ll need a US mailing address in order to take advantage of many of the savings and sales in that country. At OPAS, we can provide you with a US mailing address and then forward your purchases to you.
  9. Package consolidation – We will receive your packages for you and consolidate them into a new package that is as efficient as possible and will save you money on shipping.
  10. Tax Free! – Not only does the US do regular tax free shopping days for students, but if you have an Oregon address you can order online without paying any taxes on your purchases.

Our team can give you an Oregon address and forward shipments from it to your home. Keep these 10 Strategies From Super Saver Shoppers tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to deeper savings. Our team can help. Contact us today to find out how to get started with your US address forwarding service.

Address Forwarding Makes US Clearance Sales Available Anywhere

Let’s face it, US Clearance Sales and other special offers available in the US can make it easy to get some fabulous prices on a wide range of different products, from Amazon discounts to breakout products like NuSkin. But if you’re outside the US, you’ll need to use a US mailing address forwarding company to help provide you with a solution to a big issue, you don’t live in the US.

In short, you may not be able to take advantage of any of these great sales. The good news is, we are here to help!  OPAS allow you to get the prices and enjoy US clearance sales you deserve on anything. Best of all, US mailing address forwarding isn’t as difficult to set up or to use as you might think. Let’s take a look at a few basics:

US Mailing Address Forwarding Basics
How does it work? Essentially, you set up your US mailing address forwarding system like this – OPAS takes your current mailing address and attaches it to a US mailing address like a PO Box. When you place an order, you provide your US address. The parcel is sent there, then forwarded from there to your current location.

US mailing address forwarding is used regularly throughout the world by everyone from Americans living abroad to foreign residents who want to enjoy the deeper savings of US clearance sales.

US Mailing Address Forwarding Costs
The overall costs of US Mailing address forwarding depends largely upon the size and weight of items you’re ordering and upon your overall location. That’s why OPAS offers an easy to use shipping calculator to clients, letting them utilize it to determine just how much the costs will be. In most cases, shipping costs are low when you factor in the deep discounts on products that you can’t find elsewhere in the world and OPAS’ commitment to consolidating your packages. 

US Mailing Address Forwarding

US Mailing address forwarding is something you need to pay attention to if you’re trying to shop and save online. Online shopping has made it easier than ever to find the best products at the best prices, and you shouldn’t miss out on those just because you live elsewhere. Contact OPAS today to find out more about this service and how to make it work for you.

US Mailing Address Forwarding

OPAS Shipping Rates – Let’s take a look at the carrier options you have with OPAS!

OPAS Shipping Rates – Let’s take a look at the carrier options you have with OPAS!

OPAS Shipping Rates – Let’s take a look at the carrier options you have with OPAS!OPAS is careful to only ally with the best of the best, the companies that have displayed a long history of excellence and are at the forefront of their industry when it comes to innovation, improvement, and execution. To make sure you get the best OPAS shipping rates and quality, we work with the following carriers:


Our primary provider for international logistics, UPS’ distinct brown vans and trucks with the recognizable yellow UPS shield are a very common site in the US. Their service is second to none, with particular detail paid to providing prompt and easy support. OPAS has negotiated a particularly strong contract with UPS, so you’ll see we can provide the best rates to you with UPS for almost all destinations we serve. Their compliance services are focused on ease of clearance, so you can be sure your packages won’t get stuck in customs, and if they do have issues with clearance their communication is prompt and clear to help resolve the issue. Ship confidently with UPS, and enjoy the savings our strong rates provide!


Like UPS, FedEx offers multi-tiered service (Priority and Economy) and they have a similarly strong track record. We’ve only recently begun offering service with FedEx, but our decision to pursue a contract for their service was based on frequent demands from many of our members, so let that be a rousing endorsement of their services in international package forwarding!


A relative newcomer to international shipping service (in that they’ve only been in business for about 45 years, as opposed to 75+, like UPS) this German company has gained a reputation for strong service. Of particular note is that the parcel service OPAS uses with them, DHL Worldwide Express, has no size limit for parcels. If you’re looking to ship something particularly large and would like to avoid the long transit time and brokerage issues of freight shipping, then DHL would be the best choice for that.


A household name in Japan, Yamato provides premium service to that market exclusively. They have very strong brand recognition as a company with first-rate service and support. OPAS is one of the few forwarding companies to offer service with Yamato and we can do so at excellent rates, especially on smaller shipments. These rates often are less expensive than the rates offered by UPS. One note is that our contract with Yamato specifically is for personal import service – if you are ordering commercial volume quantities of goods or goods purposed for re-sale, you should select another option. Yamato is also very strict in observing the oft-complicated regulations that Japan’s government sets for import, so this has led to some very specific “best practices” for using their service easily and efficiently. You can email us at if you have questions about these practices.

US Postal Service:

We do conduct shipping with USPS, but only by their Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express options. Lower-grade postage services like First Class either have weight restrictions that make them unappealing to our members or simply are too unreliable for the exacting standards that OPAS requires of our logistics providers. One point to keep in mind is that USPS does not calculate dimensional weight in determining shipping cost, so if you have a lightweight, large object to ship, they may be the best choice for you as long as the goods can be packaged within their size restrictions. You can always request an estimate from OPAS to see if eliminating dimensional weight would be a profitable choice for your shipment – USPS can’t match the delivery speed or tracking accuracy of any of the private companies we’ve listed above, and their rates are higher on a per-lb. basis than our private carrier rates. Also, final delivery will be handled by the local postal authority in your country, so this is something to bear in mind for those members in countries where the postal service is less organized and less reliable.


There is one lower-grade postage option we will use, but only to limited markets. We offer this service to Japan and Canada only, as the reliability of this service to other countries is below OPAS’ standard. There is no tracking service available, and the delivery period can go as long as a month. The weight limit is 4 lbs. for any Airmail shipment, but this service can still fill a role for affordable shipping of items with less monetary value.

To summarize, our highest priority is ensuring that you find the best fit for your shipping needs. Our rates with UPS are the best we can offer, but it may be that you prefer FedEx based on their individual strength within your country. If you’re looking to ship very large items without the hassle of freight forwarding, then DHL would be the best choice, and if your items have considerable dimensional overage then USPS would be best, as long as they fit within the size restrictions for your country.

If you have any questions about the carriers OPAS uses or their specific regulations and details of their service, please send us an email at!


How A US Mail Forwarding Service Can Make Shopping Easier

How A US Mail Forwarding Service

How A US Mail Forwarding ServiceAlthough nobody doubts we live in a global economy, the US is less well represented in international shipping than in other, comparable global industry.

Simply put, vendors are losing out on a larger international customer base, whilst the international customer is losing out on the ability to either order products for themselves or to ship these products to relatives that may live in other parts of the globe.  A US mail forwarding service will also address the other prohibitive restrictions that could influence the choice to obtain a desired product from a specific vendor, and these include:

  • The need for a US mailing and US billing address (popular vendors such as Apple are very strict in their fraud protection policies and absolutely require a matching mailing and billing address)
  • Shipping tariffs for customers
  • International fees and foreign tax credit rules (duties can amount to very little or can take you by surprise, we help customers find out what they may expect)
  • IRS expectations faced on vendors who are able to consider an overseas mail forwarding service

Although freight tax enforcement has been a low priority for the IRS, there are regulations that require online retailers to file extensive paperwork, even if they do qualify for an exemption.  However, a US mail forwarding service, such as what we offer at OPAS, is solely devoted to staying up to date on these regulations, and covering the appropriate concerns that would be handled by vendors.

Customers benefit from a US mail forwarding service through:

  • Access to items
  • Lowered shipping restriction
  • Tax free Oregon delivery address, that means 0% US sales tax, guaranteed!
  • Package consolidation
  • Paperless overseas shipping

Vendors are also able to see better profits when customers sign up for an OPAS US based mailing address and out overseas mail forwarding service.  This is achieved through:

  • Greater customer reach
  • Better customer service through the overseas mail forwarding service
  • Greater potential for growth
  • No international fees and taxes on sales

The result is that signing up for OPAS overseas mail forwarding service and a US mailing address is part of the way that the global economy will stay running.  It is also a means to fully support commerce, by ensuring that customers and products are able to come together, no matter where they are located.  Visiting our site and signing up will get you started in playing your part to benefit a better lifestyle. 

All of the world is a shopping mall.  Do you know how to access all of its benefits?

Purchasing The Right Gift For Mom Using Your US Package Forwarding Address

Purchasing The Right Gift For Mom Using Your US Package Forwarding Address

Purchasing The Right Gift For Mom Using Your US Package Forwarding AddressMother’s Day is on the horizon, every second Sunday of the month of May many young Americans honor their mother’s with home made crafts and treats while the slightly older generation likes to shine a light on mom with a store bought but thoughtful gift. Many of your favorite retailers will jump on the Mother’s day band wagon while also offering Easter and Father’s Day deals, all holidays that follow each other in fairly rapid succesion. To make sure you don’t miss out any deals that could work for you, make sure you start browsing the offerings early, and of course ensure you have your US package forwarding address in place.

Whilst some Mom’s might enjoy a nice bottle of perfume other Mom’s may prefer the latest (gold!) MacBook!  As you know many online retailers who are headquartered in the US will only ship to a limited amount of places and even addresses.  This can apply as much to international orders as it can to US residents who have P.O. boxes.  The need for a physical US package forwarding address can be integral to making sure that gifts will actually be available for intended recipients. Adding a US billing address to your ordering process can facilitate a successful purchase, but make sure your US billing address and US package forwarding address match each other! We recommend taking a look at our partner US Unlocked. US Unlocked offers a prepaid VISA card that enables you to make purchases on virtually every US web store.

Greater Gifts With A US Package Forwarding Address

At OPAS, we can facilitate the shopping process through a physical US package forwarding address for both national and international clients.  While this can eliminate checkout hassles, it also means that you can make even more of the money you are spending.  Since your OPAS US package forwarding address is located in Oregon, it also means that you will not have to pay sales tax on your purchase.  For big ticket items, this can translate into a significant savings. We guarantee your purchases will have 0% US Sales Tax!

This also means that a greater generosity in gifting can be shown to parents and other loved ones, since more purchase power has been opened up with your US package forwarding address.  Further, the sales tax savings can also mean that you are able to reward yourself with a special treat, and this continues the sentiment of renewal and appreciation during the spring holidays.

The Ease Of A US Package Forwarding Address

Online retailers will also tend to extend sales when there are several holidays that come in succession.  This can also be a good reason to secure your OPAS address in advance, so that there is no loss of deals when trying to complete online shopping.  This preparation can serve you well, especially with favorite vendors that can allow for one-stop online shopping.

Signing up with OPAS for a US package forwarding address is simple, and can facilitate international shipping as well as package consolidation for shoppers based on the continent.  Since online sales events are constantly changing with the time of year, it can be wise to have a solid foundation for receiving goods, regardless of the vendor.