Overseas Shipping Without The Hassle

Overseas Shipping Without The Hassle

Families and individuals around the world are finding that it is more common to have relatives and acquaintances who live overseas.  This also means that any number of gifts and goods are shipped internationally, and this can create challenges for ensuring that goods arrive at the appropriate location. Although international shipping concerns can be an … Read more

International Shopping Service

Who uses our service? International Shoppers Our international shopping service allows non-US residents the ability to purchase virtually any item from a US store and have it shipped to their home location anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost. Receive mail from any source Take advantage of historically low exchange rates for the US … Read more

Holiday Wish List – How To Get The Goods They Want

Although getting everything that is on your holiday wish list can be a rewarding part of the Holiday season, many people are just as excited about giving these gifts and seeing the joy on other people’s faces.  There is a certain satisfaction that is attained from surprising others with both unique and desired holiday presents.  This … Read more

Virtual US Address And Virtual Shopping

We know from the vasts amount of packages already coming into our warehouse, you are getting ready to give gifts!  Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already taken place, many, if not all, online retailers will have deals all through the month of December and stretching into January. You can be sure to … Read more

Express Fee Change Notification

Please note that OPAS will be revising our policy regarding Express processing services. The price structure will be subject to the number of packages to be shipped, membership level of the account and the time of day, local time, that the request is submitted. These revisions will be in effect as of November 18th, 2014. … Read more

Learn More About Our Mail Forwarding Service

Did you know that OPAS also offers a Mail Forwarding Service? You can use your mail forwarding address to receive personal or business correspondence, magazines etc. We forward your  mail to any country in the world.  You simply register with OPAS and you’ll receive a unique US address as well as a unique Japanese address. … Read more

Package Forwarding Tips: Consolidate to Maximize Savings!

Package Forwarding Tips: Consolidate to Maximize Savings!

We have a saying at OPAS: “the most expensive lb. of any shipment is the first one.” What that means is, if you’re able to send a combined shipment of items, it’s almost always preferable to sending multiple smaller shipments. That way, you’re only paying the additional “first lb.” of shipping rate once. It’s much … Read more

Get Free US Products | Add Samples to Your OPAS Package

Free US Products | OPAS Blog

US Websites Offer Free US Products to Package Forwarding Shoppers You probably already know that the most popular brands and consumer goods are cheaper in the US than in other countries–that’s why you use a package forwarding account to get international shipping from any US store. But did you know that you can get many … Read more