US Mailing Address Forwarding Makes US Sales Available Anywhere

US Clearance sales and other special offers available in the US can make it easy to get some fabulous prices on a wide range of different products, from Amazon discounts to breakout products like Skin Care and Anti-Aging products. But if you’re outside the US, you’ll need to use a US mailing address forwarding company … Read more

Can A US Virtual Mailbox Make Your (Mom’s) Day?

Can A US Virtual Mailbox Make Mom’s Day?

As spring is rapidly turning into summer, the focus for most people turns to relaxation and enjoyment of the season.  Although the winter holidays receive much focus for shopping and gifting, spring and summer sales are also opportune times to take advantage of great deals.  With Mother’s Day approaching on the 10th of May, many … Read more

OPAS Shipping Rates – Let’s take a look at the carrier options you have with OPAS!

OPAS Shipping Rates – Let’s take a look at the carrier options you have with OPAS!

OPAS is careful to only ally with the best of the best, the companies that have displayed a long history of excellence and are at the forefront of their industry when it comes to innovation, improvement, and execution. To make sure you get the best OPAS shipping rates and quality, we work with the following … Read more

Getting Your Favorite Items Through An American Forwarding Service 

american forwarding service

Online retail has vastly expanded the scope of products that can be accessed by international shoppers.  The use of an American forwarding service for these shipments can further facilitate gaining ownership of items, and it also opens up a number of opportunities to take advantage of sales events and promotional lines.  At OPAS, we provide … Read more

How A US Mail Forwarding Service Can Make Shopping Easier

How A US Mail Forwarding Service

Although nobody doubts we live in a global economy, the US is less well represented in international shipping than in other, comparable global industry. Simply put, vendors are losing out on a larger international customer base, whilst the international customer is losing out on the ability to either order products for themselves or to ship … Read more

Get A US Address For International Shipping

Over the past few decades, it has become increasingly more common for families to relocate for work or even quality of life.  This can mean that extended families are often spread around the world, and remaining in contact can become an important time of sharing and reconnecting, even if an actual visit is not an … Read more

Package Forwarding, The International And National Benefits

The International, And National,

Whether you are shopping for Nike’s in the US from Australia or trying to get your hands on a niche Japanese beauty product, online shopping is your friend. You have become super savvy in finding the best deals on the items you crave but sometimes you run into a problem when it comes to shipping your items … Read more

Excellent Service And Affordable Package Forwarding Services

Excellent Service And Affordable Package Forwarding Services

For many consumers, part of finding a great deal also included the service and ancillary benefits that may come from making a purchase. Excellent customer care, shopper benefits, and peace of mind in receiving quality merchandise are equally important.  With online purchases, these value added aspects can become even more impactful, especially since interactions are … Read more

Clothing Size Conversion Necessary When Shopping Online in the US

Clothing Size Conversion

While online shopping offers a great convenience to many consumers, it can also present a number of unknown challenges that are often not realized until they are experienced.  One of the foremost ones that shoppers who love clothing and accessories may encounter is the issue of size conversions across different countries.  Clothing size conversion is … Read more

The OPAS Friends Program – What You Need To Know

OPAS Friends Program

The OPAS FRIENDS Program has been revised! Now you can earn free shipping by referring your network to OPAS. Q: What is the OPAS FRIENDS program? The OPAS FRIENDS Program is an affiliate program that OPAS uses to provide benefits to those who bring new members and business to OPAS. In short, when you refer someone … Read more