World’s Cheapest MacBook Pro? International Shipping on Refurbished Apple Products

Buy Refurbished to Save Even More on Mac & Other Apple Products

Apple fans around the world know that the US Apple Store sells the MacBook Pro, iPad 2, unlocked iPhone 4, or iAnythingElse much cheaper than the Apple stores in other countries. (We still ship iPad 2s regularly, even now that they’re available around the world!)

macbook pro international shippingWhat you might not have known is that the US Apple Store also sells refurbished electronics at prices even lower than the US retail prices. Refurbished products are products that have been returned to Apple (sometimes in new condition), but have been through the same rigorous quality certification process as new Apple products. The only difference is, they sell for hundreds of dollars less.

World’s Cheapest MacBook Pro (or iGadget), Now With International Shipping

Let’s take a look at just how much you can save by buying refurbished Apple products using package forwarding to ship internationally.

Consider buying a new MacBook Pro in Japan. A mid-range model with a 2.3GHz processor and 4GB of RAM cost 212,645 JPY at the Apple Store in Tokyo (or the online Japanese Apple Store, since the US store doesn’t ship outside the US). That’s approximately $2692 USD.

The exact same MacBook Pro cost only $2449 USD at the Apple Store in the US. That’s $243 dollars less!

But it gets better. If you buy the same MacBook Pro refurbished, it only costs $2199 USD. That’s $493 less than the same computer in Tokyo, or almost 20% off the Tokyo price.

The Only Way to Get Refurbished Apple Products Outside the US: Get a Package Forwarding Address!

There’s no doubt that Apple makes terriffic products that are in demand all over the world. But they also charge a high premium for those products, especially in countries without access to the refurbished products on the US market.

Good thing you have a package forwarding address, right? Now you an buy from the US and ship internationally to get the World’s Cheapest MacBook Pro (or iPad 2, etc). 😀

Package Forwarding Get You The World’s Cheapest _____?

Information about refurbished products is usually hard to find on companies’ websites (because they want you to buy the more expensive versions of their products. 😉 What other companies have you found that offer steep discounts on refurbished products? Help out other package forwarding shoppers by sharing your tips in the comments section, or on our Facebook wall!


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    • I’m afraid we don’t sell the MacBooks ourselves, but if you can find one for 10,000 Yen to purchase, we can help you receive it from any Japanese seller and forward internationally.


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