Will New Shopping Site “Copious” Make Package Forwarding More Social?

Social Network Shopping Site “Copious” to Make Online Shopping Personal

Package forwarding is fast, convenient, and can be a heck of a lot of fun. Buying from the US & shipping packages internationally is certainly a lot quicker and easier than getting on a plane to the Mall of America, and a lot cheaper than the local mall in your country.

social network shopping package forwardingBut if there’s a drawback, it’s the lack of personalization that comes with online shopping, no matter what country you’re in. If you miss making shopping trips with your friends, or if there are time when you’d rather buy from a person than a computer, you might want to check out the new online marketplace Copious.

Copious is set up similarly to popular online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy, but instead of users creating anonymous usernames, you log in using your Facebook account.

Benefits of Using Facebook To Buy From the US

Maybe the biggest advantage of using a real identity to sell and shop online is trust and reliability. Well-known online stores are one thing, but how can you really know who you’re buying from on eBay if the seller is in the US and you’re in another country?

Copious uses Facebook to “allow the buyer and seller to see each other through the lens of their network,” according to Jonathan Ehrlich, the former head of Facebook marketing, in Fast Company. “Buyers can build comfort with the sellers via the power of that connection.”

How Could Social Network Shopping Enhance Package Forwarding?

Another benefit of this new online shopping platform is the ability to discuss products and purchases with the friends in your network, the same way you would if you were shopping together in a local store.

If you’re shopping on Copious, it might not matter that you’re in Australia, your friend is in Japan, and the seller you want to buy from is in the US. You’ll be able to ask the seller questions, get your friend’s opinion, and eventually purchase from the US using your package forwarding address, all in real-time.

A Social Network for Package Forwarders?

Buyers & sellers meeting each other on Facebook sounds like a great idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if package forwarding members could meet each other on Facebook to share shopping tips, coupons, discounts, and shipping strategies? Oh, hey, THERE IS!

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