Why Your Business Needs an International Shipping Partner

Did you know that over $500 billion was spent in e-commerce sites in 2018?

The rise of Amazon and other e-commerce sites in the last decades has brought new retail opportunities to the world. However if you are looking to set up an e-commerce or reselling business online, how will you ship your goods?

This question is especially important if you are shipping abroad. Your making connections with an international shipping company is crucial. How can you go about doing this?

How can partnering with an international shipping company help your business to thrive? Check out the answers in our in-depth article below.

1. Peace of Mind

Running an e-commerce reselling company means you have to constantly monitor different phases of the supply chain. You may have to regularly negotiate with suppliers and will have to constantly monitor your marketing campaigns. This does not leave a lot of time to solve shipping issues.

Selecting a trustworthy shipping partner is a far easier solution. Rather than worry about whether each item has arrived, you can sleep soundly knowing that a specialist company is handling it for you.

2. Transit Security

You know your goods, you know your country. Because of this, shipping nationally is reasonably simple. However, shipping internationally requires a whole other level of experience. There are many more variables to consider.

There are many variables involved in shipping. Knowing routes, shipping lanes requires a professional company with years of experience. An international shipping company will know what insurance is needed. They will track each step of the way so that if there is a problem with the delivered goods, it can be traced back to the source.

The safest solution for shipping your goods is to partner with an experienced shipping company.

3. Cheaper Shipping

In some cases, you may want to direct a parcel to a country that the supplier does not ship to or where the supplier charges high rates to send to. In this case, partnering with a shipping company is a smart move.

They can often negotiate lower rates than one individual supplier as they bundle your goods with other shipments. This can result in a bulk shipping price far lower than the supplier can offer.

A shipping company that specializes in parcel forwarding can often provide extra assurances such as photographs of the parcel contents when shipping. Partnering with a shipping company can provide safer and cheaper shipping options.

4. Customized Shipping Solutions

Are you looking to offer your clients a particularly advantageous offer? Companies such as Amazon are reaping the benefits of offering one-day shipping options to their customers.

In other cases, you may want to provide delivery before a specific date. This is despite the fact that you know that there will be congestion in the postal system during that time. One example of this is Christmas.  Yet you can create customized shipping solutions, even on an international scale, by cooperating with a professional company.

This may be simple to do for local customers, however, when you want to offer this to customers in other countries it requires special arrangements. A professional company can offer you this type of customized solution.

5. Build a Relationship 

If you are a product re-seller it is very likely that you will have repeat orders. You will likely find that you are regularly selling items to the same countries.

An international shipping company will work with you to get the best deal for you on matters such as customs and trucking. As this transaction is repeated the company will become familiar with your and your customer preferences. They may be able to find more and more efficient ways to ship your goods. They will likely find cheaper methods of shipping them.

Building a relationship with a shipping company is beneficial for both sides: You and your customer.

6. Customs and Clearance

International shipping policies and shipments are affected by many factors. This could include natural disasters, war, or changing relations between countries. Understanding how these changes affect parts of the supply chain, such as import duties, is not easy. Further, ensuring that the price of shipping is consistent despite these changes can be a challenge.

Professional shipping companies take the responsibility to stay constantly updated away from you. They will handle any changing circumstances and keep you updated with the success of the order and any issues that could create delays along the way.

7. Open Up to a Larger Market

Employing an international shipping company opens your business horizons to potentially millions of new customers. One example of this is the opportunity to benefit from seasonal sales.

As an example, you may be a fashion retailer. You sell good quality winter coats in the US mainly before winter kicks in November. However, by expanding your retail strategy internationally, you have the opportunity to sell winter clothes in each region as winter hits. Your market for one range has expanded from 2 months to twelve.

Making this move may seem daunting. However, thanks to the guidance provided by shipping companies you can easily strategize how you will enter international markets without commitment.

International Shipping Services and Much More

Thanks to online e-commerce sites such as Amazon, international sales have become easier than ever. However, to be able to fulfill orders in a way that will satisfy your customers, you need to partner with an international shipping company that is trustworthy.

We are here to help. We leverage our years in the shipping industry to provide a reliable shipping service to many countries across the globe. Why not contact us today today to see how we can get your package to its international destination?

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