WePay & Package Forwarding Let Casual Sellers Ship Internationally

New Shopping Platform Unites Casual Shops With International Shoppers

Since eBay first made it easy for casual sellers to make their wares available online in 1997, several other websites have offered similar models. Etsy caters to crafts and DIYers, Yahoo! has its own merchant platform, and Copious recently added social media to the shopping scene.

international shipping for wepay sellers

international-shipping-for-wepay-sellersBut things are still changing. Sites like eBay have evolved from a simple auction site to a full-blown e-commerce platform. That may be great for small stores that want to get their inventories online in a professional, customized environment. But what about the even smaller sellers? The sellers who don’t need a full-service e-commerce solution?

WePay is a new shopping website that lets casual sellers–part-time or short-term vendors who aren’t full-time merchants–sell their goods quickly, easily, and cheaply. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as sites like Ebay and Etsy, but that’s the point. Users can sell (and buy) with less hassle than on the bigger sites.

And that means WePay will attract a different kind of marketplace–both in terms of sellers and buyers.

Casual Selling & Casual Online Shopping

If eBay is a mall, WePay is a fleamarket. Or a parking lot full of bake sales.

Don’t expect to find brand-name electornics. Instead, you’ll find one of a kind items like crafts, hand-made gifts, home designs.

Like a band you saw while traveling? You can problably find their t-shirt on WePay. Toys from a small, garage-based workshop? WePay. One-of-a-kind jewelry? WePay.

Package Forwarding Lets Casual Vendors Ship Internationally

For the same reasons casual sellers don’t need the hassle of setting up a Yahoo! Merchants Account, they don’t need the hassle of shipping internationally. (Even on eBay, many sellers refuse to offer international shipping for this reason!)

Package forwarding is a simple way for WePay sellers to ship internationally without the hassle. Buyers can simply get a US address, and sellers can then take international orders as easily as domestic ones.

Have You Tried WePay Yet?

What kinds of items are you interested in that simply aren’t available from large, traditional e-commerce sites? What products do the “micro-market” do better than any place else? Share opinions and experiences in the comments section!


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