Want International Shipping on an HP TouchPad? Use Package Forwarding

HP TouchPad Now Available in US

hp touchpad international shippingLast Friday, HP started selling the TouchPad, their long-awaited entry into the tablet market powered by WebOS. Customers in the US have been waiting for this product for months and are releived to finally be able to get their hands on one, but international customers are going to have to wait even longer.

HP’s own news release states that,

“HP’s first webOS tablet will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany a few days later and in Canada in mid-July, with availability scheduled to follow later this year in Italy and Spain, as well as in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore.”

But given how long it took for the HP to finally make it to US stores even after months of announcements, who knows how long it will be before the rest of the world actually sees the TouchPad.

Buy the HP TouchPad from the US with International Shipping

Of course, international shoppers who don’t want to wait can always buy the HP TouchPad from the US using a package forwarding address for international shipping.

Keep in mind that HP does NOT typically ship to forwarding companies, but OPAS can provide you with an unrecognized address that will allow you order from HP (or order an iPad 2 from the Apple store, if that’s the way you want to go) and get a TouchPad shipped internationally before it’s available in your country.

HP TouchPad vs. iPad 2

The obvious question is, “How does the HP TouchPad compare to the iPad 2?” A number of websites have pointed out the similarities in technical specifications and usability.

What it mostly seems to come down to is the operating system. If you already use an iPhone, you might prefer the familiarity of the iPad 2’s iOS. On the other hand, HP’s WebOS is supposed to be much more flexible and intuitive than iOS, which is saying a lot, since Apple is known for intuitive products.

(The other choice, of course, is to get a tablet that runs Android, like the popular Samsung Galxy Tab.)

Best Tablet for Package Forwarding Members?

Well, since they all weight approximately the same (and are all barely over 1lb), which tablet you decide to buy in the US and ship internationally won’t make any difference to your shipping costs. 🙂

But the iPad has been out for a while now, and the TouchPad is brand new. Did you already buy an iPad 2 using your tax-free package forwarding address? If so, are you still curious about buying a HP TouchPad from the US and shipping it internationally? Discuss your tablet experiences in the comments section below!


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