US Unlocked Makes International Shopping Even Easier

As an OPAS member, you surely know there can be many barriers to international online shopping. Many online retailers don’t ship outside of the US. That’s one of the areas OPAS helps customers with. Some retailers are also very strict about what payment methods they accept. Credit card companies like VISA and American Express are known and trusted throughout the world, but in an effort to keep markets separated, some retailers don’t allow non-US issued credit cards to be used for payment on their American retail sites. This is why OPAS joined with US Unlocked. If you run into trouble making payments online, US Unlocked may be the answer for you. Together we make shopping online smooth and hassle-free.

USU OPASUS Unlocked offers US issued credit cards to international online shoppers in a prepaid format. Instead of spending time shopping only to find out your payment method isn’t accepted at a particular US retailer, with your US Unlocked prepaid credit card you can make purchases online with no fear of being rejected.

Applying for a US Unlocked account just got easier. You can see follow the instructions here to get everything lined up before the big Black Friday sales begin soon.

This Holiday Season shop with confidence using OPAS and US Unlocked.

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