2018 Summer Finds: Top 10 Must-Haves to Buy this Season

It’s not too late to shop for summer! Even though we’re half-way through the season, there’s still plenty of time to add to your summer shopping list. 2018 certainly delivers when it comes to summer trends! We saw a surge of uniquely designed floaties and water bottles, a multitude of ways to beat the summer heat, and ideas to keep your skin and eyes protected against the sun when we chose our 2018 summer finds.

In this post, we’ve compiled our top summer shopping finds for the year ranging from outdoor must-haves to innovative new gadgets. Check out the list and let us know what you think!

SojoS Fashion Polarized Sunglasses | Top 2018 Summer Finds

SojoS Fashion Polarized Sunglasses for Women UV400 Mirrored Lens – $13.99

Not only are these sunglasses stylish but they also offer protection from the sun. Available in 12+ different style options these color stainless steel sunglasses are a steal! 

Shop via Amazon here.

HURLEY Dri-FIT Shorts | Top 2018 Summer Finds

HURLEY Dri-FIT Shorts – $60.00

You can find these true to size, lightweight trousers available at Nordstrom. Choose from four color options including black, khaki, obsidian, wolf grey. 

Shop via Nordstrom here.

Oyster Shell Float | Top 2018 Summer Finds


Floaties for adults has undoubtedly been trending this summer.  There are so many unique float choices over at Frontgate, but their Oyster Shell design has been one of our favorites! 

Shop via Frontgate here.

Floral iPhone X Case | Top 2018 Summer Finds

Buncha Flowers iPhone X Case – $28.00

Looking to dress up your iPhone for the season? Try this unique floral case made with real pressed flowers from Urban Outfitters. 

Shop via Urban Outfitters here.

Phoozy Best Buy | Top 2018 Summer Finds

Phoozy: Pouch for Most Cell Phones – $29.99

The Phoozy pouch is amazing for keeping your phone from overheating in the sun plus it doubles over as a flotation device and preserves your battery life. Keep it around for winter too as it protects against cold weather.

Shop via Best Buy here.

Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion | Top 2018 Summer Finds

Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ – $40.00

Don’t forget to protect your skin this summer! This SPF lotion is gentle on your skin and becomes more effective when it gets in contact with H2O. 

Shop via Ulta here.

BlokRok Roll-on Lotion Applicator | Top 2018 Summer Finds

Roll-on Lotion Applicator – $19.95

Pair your Sun Protection Lotion with an easy to use roll-on applicator! Avoid messy hands and stay evenly covered. BlokRok is compact and has a protective cap making it a great on-the-go tool making it perfect as one of our 2018 summer finds. 

Shop via The Grommet here.

S'Well Water Bottle | Top 2018 Summer Finds

S’well Water Bottle Oahu – $25.00 – $45.00

This insulated stainless steel water bottle will end up being your best friend on long hikes and endless summer nights. Available in a multitude of unique patterns and designs, you are sure to find one that fits your style. 

Shop via S’well Bottle here.

MistyMate Outdoor Misting Kit | Top 2018 Summer Finds

MistyMate 16030 Cool Patio 30 Outdoor Misting Kit – $39.99

Of course, this item would make it to our list of 2018 summer finds. An affordable and accessible way to beat the summer heat. Stay fresh with this easy to install Misting Kit. Just hook it up to a water source and enjoy! 

Shop via Amazon here.

Umbrella Canopy Shelter | Top 2018 Summer Finds

Sport-Brella All-Weather 8-Foot Umbrella Canopy Shelter – $51.99 – $65.24

We had to include this nifty product to this post! Perfect for camping, picnics, and beach days you’ll never forget to pack this Umbrella Canopy. Stay protected from UV rays and any weather that strikes. 

Shop via Walmart here

Pet Water Bottle | Top 2018 Summer Finds

Leak Proof Pet Water Bottle – $12.99

Keep your pets hydrated and chilled this summer with a portable, non-BPA pet water bottle. It’s easy to take on the go and it’s designed to avoid any leaking problems. 

Shop via Amazon here.

That about wraps it up! We hope you found our list of 2018 summer finds useful. Did any of these items make it into your shopping cart? We’d love to hear your thoughts! What other summer items have you found this year? Keep us updated in the comments below.

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