The Ultimate US Clearance Sales Dates Cheat Sheet

We are starting a series of blogposts about shopping strategies that save you money. Up first, when to shop for what! In a time where Christmas Sales might be happening in November, Easter Eggs are one the shelves in January and you are seeing back to school backpacks ads in July it’s important to be aware of when to shop for what.  Use our US Clearance Sales Dates monthly cheat sheet to save money on the items you need.

US clearance sales dates

Shopping US clearance sales can be easy with your personal US mailing address in combination with your very own US Unlocked US debit card. However, fully benefiting from your supercharged buying power should involve money saving shopping strategies. Our US clearance sales dates cheat sheet can be a part of that!

US Clearance Sales Dates

Please note all dates up until 17 March St. Patrick’s Day are for 2017, the other dates apply to this year, 2016.

January Important Dates

1 January: New Years Day

16 January: Martin Luther King Day

What to buy: Winter apparel on clearance and fitness gear. Many people make New Year’s resolutions that revolve around fitness so you will see a lot of fitness gear on sale in January.

February Important Dates

14 February: Valentine’s Day

20 February: President’s Day

What to buy: More winter apparel, but also camera equipment and TVs. Americans love to watch the Super Bowl so TVs are a big deal in February in preparation of watching this popular sports event. Make sure you check for deals on smaller electronics around President’s Day. February and March are known as months when new gadgets come out so retailers are looking to create virtual shelf space. If you are looking for something to celebrate Valentine’s Day, be sure to check Victoria’s Secret, they have great deals in early February!

March Important Dates

17 March: St. Patrick’s Day

27-28 March: Easter

What to buy: As the winter sports season come to a close you will find some great deals on winter sports gear and luggage. If you are dreaming of durable TUMI luggage and that perfect snowboard, now is the time to shop!

April Important Dates

18 April: Tax Day

What to buy: April is a great month for beauty products, as the spring make up lines are coming out this month. Make sure to check popular couponing sites; and the are a great resource!

May Important Dates

8 May: Mother’s Day

15 May: Memorial Day

What to buy: As Americans get ready for the summer season, be on the look out for spring clothing sales and camping gear. During Memorial Day weekend you will see discount upon discount on these items. Many retailers also offer free shipping to your US mailing address in Oregon. Because you are shipping to Oregon, the 0% sales tax state, you are also saving up to 10% in US sales tax!

June Important Dates

19 June: Father’s Day

What to buy: Get ready to celebrate Father’s Day halfway through the year. Focus on men’s fashion and neckties as a traditional gift. Also another good time for gadgets.

July Important Dates

4 July: Independence Day

What to buy: Believe it or not, the back to school sales start in July. This means great deals on a variety of items, ranging from practical apparel, to package deals for dorm rooms (think cute bedding and décor) and (small) electronics and paper goods.

August Important Dates

Variable back to School Sales

What to buy: More office and school supplies with a focus on computers. Best Buy has a lot of back to school computer sales that you want to be aware off!

September Important Dates

5 September: Labor Day

What to buy: As the outdoor season winds to a close many outdoor and patio items are on sale. Grills and older model appliances as retailers are looking to clear out inventory. Pay attention to specific Labor Day sales.

October Important Dates

10 October: Columbus Day

31 October: Halloween

What to buy: Holiday related items are starting to hit the shelves and you might find some on clearance if you know where to look. Check in the clearance ‘isles’ on Crate & Barrel for some great deals on holiday items. If you celebrate Halloween or just like fancy dress now is the time to shop, or if you can hold out, right after Halloween.  At the end of October, start making your Black Friday shopping list!

November Important Dates

11 November: Veteran’s Day

24 November: Thanksgiving Day

25 November: Black Friday

28 November: Cyber Monday

What to buy: Black Friday! That’s what November is all about if you are talking about finding great deals. Many of our customers most popular retailers, such as Amazon, have deals and coupons leading up to the main event, Black Friday.  Research is key and Google is your friend. Cyber Monday is known as the day many shop for electronics but remember some prices dip even further if you can wait till the end of December, right after the holidays!

Please note: if you are purchasing items for the Christmas Holiday act quickly in order to get your products to your US mailing address at OPAS, in time for us to ship to you!

December Important Dates

24-26 December: Christmas

31 December: New Year’s Eve

What to buy: 

December is what we like to call free for all month!  Merchants are trying to move product in the last crazy weeks before Christmas, and right after Christmas they knock down prices on things they didn’t sell.

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