The Lush Christmas collection is here!

Long awaited Lush Christmas goodies are finally here and now is the time to stock up!

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year and Lush’s Christmas collection is can make the holidays even more sparkly, sweet, and magical! Each of these perfumed wonders are perfect as part of your self-care routine or as a stocking stuffer for those you love most! Discover, indulge, and relax during the busy holiday season with the cutest Lush products of the year! Not only are they super cute, they are also mostly vegan, self preserving, against animal testing and completely handmade. All glitter and sparkle is plastic-free so that you can feel good about your favorite products. Discover your beautiful new limited-edition products that will put you in the Christmas mood with their magical scents and luscious softening and moisturizing properties.

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Holly Golightly from Lush

Holly Golightly Wonderball 3 Bath Gift
This festive retro ornamental delight can be used multiple ways! Sprinkle the sweet citrusy holly top part in your bath or use the entire bath bomb for shimmering green waters filled with uplifting lemongrass and bergamot oils.

polar bear from Lush

Polar Bear Soap
This adorable minty-sweet polar bear, made with skin-softening coconut oil, the calming coconut milk powder or the hydrating coconut water. If that wasn’t enough, we also put in plenty of mega-moisturizing cocoa butter, along with an invigorating combination of Brazilian orange and peppermint oils to shake you awake. Keep your skin soft and clean all season long.

tick tock from Lush

Vegan Self Preserving Naked
Fill the bath and drop it in this cute little robot for a fizzy bath scented with sunshiney sweet wild orange and spicy cassia oils. Then watch as a golden shimmer unfurls over top of a deep orange hue and the added surprise of real popping candy.
$5.95 / 2.8 oz.

The art of Christmas bathing from Lush

The Art Of Christmas Bathing Gift Set
This is the ultimate Lush Christmas gift and it allows you to choose from one of 16 limited-edition bath fizzers and bubbles. If it’s snowy peaks of foam and fluff you’re after, then grab one of two reusable bubble bars to enjoy bath after bath of festive foam all holiday long.

Golden Wonder from Lush

Golden Wonder
Zesty lime oil and sweet wild orange oil refreshes your senses. This glittering golden luster and sparkling turquoise surprise. Don’t wait for the stroke of midnight to bathe yourself in festive luxury. How to Use: Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop it in and enjoy.

Hippo from Lush

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
This raspberry-scented fizzer will release a trail of purple as it floats, along with glittering plastic-free stars and popping candy. It is a combination of uplifting essential oils including bergamot, almond and grapefruit, along with a little cold-pressed raspberry seed oil. Drop it in a tub with warm water and enjoy!

Angels Delight from Lush

Angels Delight
This fizzer captures the dreamy berry sweetness of a cloudlike pink whipped UK dessert that leaves you feeling utterly enchanted. Instead of milk, strawberries and sugar, this one is made with uplifting tangerine and orange oils along with gold luster. Enjoy a beautiful sparkly pink bath with uplifting scents. Drop it in a tub with warm water and enjoy!

All things Snow Fairy! The sweet bubblegum scent and pink colors of Snow Fairy have attracted huge fans around the world. Pick up your favorites or discover the magic of this popular scent today!

Snow fairy from Lush

Snow Fairy
Sweet, sparkly and candy-scented! Fan favorite Snow Fairy’s bubblegum and sweet vanilla fragrance is the scent of holidays, complete with shimmering luster. Sparkly, pink and candy-scented.

Snow fairy roll from Lush

Snow Fairy roll
Cotton candy dreams with bubblegum sweetness of Snow Fairy. Crumble this pink-and-white bubbler under the tap and sink deep beneath a layer of candy-sweet foam. How to Use: Crumble under running warm water as you fill the tub.

snow fairy shampoo bar from Lush

Snow Fairy shampoo bar
Candy-scented. If you want to enjoy Snow Fairy’s sweet scent from head to toe, this beautiful bar truly completes your collection. Hop in the shower, wet your hair and lather up. Marshmallow root powder detangles and softens hair as you get it squeaky-clean. Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair. Massage into the hair and scalp then rinse clean.

snow fairy body conditioner from Lush

Snow Fairy body conditioner
This body conditioner will soften your skin and leave a sweet scent. Made with a fruity cherry infusion, hydrating mango butter, avocado butter, fair trade organic cocoa butter, and jojoba oil all work to add moisture to your skin. You will still need to use a body wash because this body conditioner is not a cleaner but you can smooth all over wet skin after washing, then rinse clean.

Fairy dust from Lush

Fairy Dust
Fun and dusted. This sweet-smelling, post-shower powder is the perfect finishing touch to keep your skin feeling light, fresh and fragrant. Use it to perk up your gym bag, sock drawer or anywhere else that needs candy-scented bliss.

Snow fairy wonderball

Snow Fairy Wonderball 3 Bath Gift Bomb
Enjoy the pixie dust into your bath and then slip into the warm sparkling water to make the transformation complete. The pink fizzing swirls as the sweet and citrus scents of synthetic musk and Persian lime transport you to a calmer place.

snowman dreaming from Lush

Snowman Dreaming
Destress with this colorful fizzler infused with cedarwood and lavender oils. Create an atmosphere of calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle by filling your bathtub with warm water, dropping in the bath bomb and enjoying.

baked alaska from Lush

Baked Alaska bar soap

When the weather outside is frightful, lathering up with Baked Alaska is delightful! Beneath its snowy, popping candy-studded surface lies a dazzling, multicolored extravaganza. Made with a sweet and refreshing blend of organic lemon myrtle, grapefruit and ylang ylang oil.

Elfie stick from Lush

Elfie Stick Stick Bubbler
Hold this reusable elf stocking bubbler under running water for lots of bubbles. Splash the water around to create big, frothy bubbles. Let it dry out between uses. Let the stick dry to use again if you wish. Sink into a layer of bubbles that smell like the British pear drop. One half tastes of sweet pear, the other of creamy banana through labdanum resinoid, Sicilian lemon oil and real tapioca pearls.

butterbear from Lush

This cute bear is made with lots of cocoa butter to nourish and protect the skin and has the same sweet fragrance as the Butterball fizzler. Made with vegan synthetic musk, the aroma from this bear will linger softly on the skin. Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop it in and enjoy.

Candy cane bubble bar from Lush

Candy Cane bubble bar
A decoration for the tree or a fun stocking stuffer, this sweet, mint-free candy cane is sugary with touches of lemon and bergamot oils. How to Use: Hold under the tap as you run your bath. Splash the water around to create big, frothy bubbles. Let it dry out between uses.

polar bear plunge from Lush

Polar Bear Plunge bubble bar
Warm and comforting, this minty bubbler can help you relax in a bear hug of fluffy foam, while the invigorating spearmint oil perks up your senses. A touch of fine sea salt softens water and your skin. How to Use: Crumble under running warm water as you fill the tub.

luxury lush pud from Lush

Luxury Lush Pud
Fruity, festive and foaming with skin-soothing ingredients, Luxury Lush Pud is the perfect antidote to cold winter nights. Sharing its scent with the popular The Comforter Bubble Bar, its sweet, blackcurrant scent features undertones of citrusy bergamot and earthy cypress. Corn starch creates ultra-soft bathwater. Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and enjoy.

fresh as from Lush

Fresh As solid fragrance 
Evoke woodsy feelings with this fragrance filled with bracing fir needle absolute and a hint of balsamic benzoin resinoid. Refreshing fir and tagetes oils mingle leave you with the freshness of a walk in a wintery white forest.

winter garden from Lush

Winter Garden
Invoke a blooming garden with this elegant fizzle with scents of ylang ylang and bergamot and floating marigold, blue cornflowers and pink delphinium petals. Enjoy hydrating fair trade cocoa butter.

Once upon a time from Lush

Once Upon A Time lotion
This refreshing potted fresh green apple lotion with a hint of lemon and lime lotion leaves skin so soft that it’s envious. Let the jojoba oil, cocoa, murumuru and shea butters melt into your skin.

snowcake Lush soap

Snowcake soap
This smoothing soap is made with calming rose absolute and soothing oat milk to keep sensitive skin happy and healthy. You also get that much-loved marzipan scent from benzoin resinoid, plus fair trade olive oil and cocoa butter for soft skin.

buche de noel from Lush

Bûche de Noël Cleanser
Made for your face or body, this cleanser is made with mandarins, cranberries and a drop of toning brandy. It exfoliates with ground almonds and cleansing kaolin, while fair trade organic cocoa butter softens and protects against the elements. Take a small amount in your hand, add a little water and mix into a paste. Massage into skin to gently cleanse, then rinse.

roasting chestnuts from Lush

Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire
This nourishing sweet and spicy shower gel is made with organic oat milk to help soothe sensitivity while real chestnut purée and a dose of glycerine calms irritation. Spicy cassia, sweet almond, grounding cedarwood and earthy sage oils blend with this wash’s delicious marzipan fragrance for cozy feelings.

frangipani from Lush

Frangipani solid fragrance 
Get in the holiday cheer mood with the scent of the beautiful white Frangipani flower scent of tropical fruit mixed with roses, ginger, spices and more. A blend of sandalwood, almond oil, and heady frangipani absolute with a smoky guaiacwood finish makes this very sweet and spicy.

candy cane lip scrub from Lush

Candy Cane lip scrub
Get party-ready with this  pout perfecter. Scoop up a small dollop of this pepperminty castor sugar scrub for the perfect holiday lip softener with hydrating shea butter and jojoba oil. Take a pea-sized amount and scrub your lips soft, wiping the excess.

sugar plum from Lush

Sugar Plum shower fizzler
Enjoy a faster version of a bath fizzler! Use this foaming cleanser by holding it under warm running water. As it expands, scoop up the foam and gently cleanse all over, enjoying the refreshing scent of plum juice, uplifting red mandarin oil and fruity osmanthus absolute. Included is a dose of icing sugar to give you light exfoliation and a touch of sweetness. Store it in a dry, dark and cool place.

rudolph nose from Lush

Rudolph Nose
This bright red cherry shower fizzer will get you in the Christmas spirit quickly! Start your day with a little motivation from Santa’s favorite reindeer as you inhale this fragrant combination of spicy ho wood, uplifting lemon and sweet almond oils. Then use the foam to lightly cleanse and soften your skin in the shower.

Yog nog from Lush

Yog Nog shower gel
Sugar, spicy, and scented like caramel, this shower gel lathers for luxurious and buttery feels-soft with Jojoba oil, maple syrup water, helping winter skin stay moisturized. A spicy hint of clove bud oil stimulates skin and gives a warm sensation.

yog nog body milk Lush

Yog Nog body milk
Last year’s fan favorite bubble bar makes a big comeback in a hydrating new form. This light, lotiony body milk will leave you smelling like a Christmas dessert all day long. Nourishing almond oil combines with spicy clove bud to create its stimulating, moisturizing formula. Ylang ylang oil and gardenia extract give a floral touch.

Shoot for the stars Lush product

Shoot For The Stars
This bright blue citrusy fizzer shoot and spins in the tub with swirling colors filled with glittery golden stars filled with skin-softening cocoa butter. As a calming blanket of shimmering royal blue unfurls in the water, Brazilian orange and bergamot oils lift your mood to the stars.

orange scrub from Lush

Orange shower scrub 

Made with brightening and exfoliating sea salt, orange juice, essential oils and orange peel wax. Rub a handful in small circular motions. Rinse before shaving or sealing in moisture with your favorite lotion.

Shooting stars Lush soap

Shooting Stars soap
This stellar soap comes in two fun shades. Order it online for a surprise! Infused with antioxidant-rich star fruit extract, plus heaps of coconut and rapeseed oils. It’s scented with bergamot, lemon and lime oils.

golden pear Lush soap

Golden Pear soap
Restore softness with fair trade organic cocoa butter, pear purée and cozy cardamom oil that are sweet and spicy. It will keep your skin silky and hydrated all season long.

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