The Best Things to Buy from US Stores in February

Use Your Package Forwarding Address in February to Save Money at US Stores

In addition to Valentine’s Day sales, there are a few US events in February that make it a great month to shop. So if you’ve recoved from your holiday spending, now is a great time to use your US package forwarding address to take advantage of some great deals at US online stores. Here are a few of the best things to buy this month.

buy from us stores in february

  • Electronic gadgets (computers, mobile phones, cameras, tablets, etc.). In the US, February is the month after the annual Consumer Electronics Show, where electronics companies show off all the new tech items that will come out later this year. In order to prepare for the new stuff, most electronics stores start to offer big discounts on current inventory in February.
  • HDTVs and home theater equipment. The biggest US “holiday” in February is Super Bowl Sunday. Since everyone in America wants a bigger TV to better enjoy the “big game,” stores like Best Buy and NewEgg offer huge discounts on home entertainment products this month. Even if football isn’t popular in your country, you can still take advantage of the sales using your US package forwarding address.
  • Clothing! The lesser February holiday in the US is Presidents’ Day, which falls on the 20th this year. Department stores usually hold big sales during the three day weekend, so keep your eye on your favorite US online stores and wait for what you want to go on sale later this month.
  • Summer items. You might not want them now (unless you’re buying from Australia!), but neither does anyone else–that’s why they’re all on sale. If you can plan ahead, now is the time to pick up a new grill (but not the fuel!), boating supplies, or swimsuits.
  • Apple iPad 2. Apple items typically sell at a premium, but due to all the rumors that the iPad 3 will come out later this year, a number of stores are already starting to discount the iPad 2. So if you still haven’t been able to get one, now might be the best time.

What Are You Buying from US Stores in February?

Find any especially good deals on the items above? How about ones we missed? Share your finds in the comments section so others can save, too!


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