Summer Dog Accessories Your Pet Will Love | Shop 2018 Pet Supplies

Don’t forget to take care of your furry friend this hot summer season! We’ve designed this list of summer dog accessories to provide you with ways to keep your pet cooled off and enjoying themselves this season. Just like us, our dogs want to soak up the sun and have fun. Treat them to one of these useful pet supply items; your dog will thank you for it!

Furbo Dog Camera | Summer Dog Accesories

Furbo Dog Camera – $249.00

This product is a creative way to stay close to your pets, even during those long busy summer days. You can see what your little furry one is up to, communicate with them, and offer them treats all through an app on your phone! It’s unique ability to keep an eye on your dog 24/7 makes it one of the ultimate summer dog accessories. Shop via Furbo here.

Leak Proof Pet Water Bottle | Summer Dog Accessories

Leak Proof Pet Water Bottle – $12.99

We mentioned this one in our last post, Our Top 10 Summer Finds for 2018, but it is such a useful product to add to your shopping list that we had to include here again. This pet bottle is a great way to keep your dog hydrated throughout the day and is easily portable. Shop via Amazon here.

Portable Dog Paw Cleaner Shop Chewy | Summer Dog Accessories

Portable Dog Paw Cleaner – $24.99

This item has to be one of our favorite summer dog accessories! Eliminate the sandy aftermath of the beach with this quick paw cleaner. No more messes and squeaky clean paws, who wouldn’t love this! Plus they offer three different sizes and colors. Shop via Chewy here.

Doggie Swim Vest Shark Shop Pool Supplies | Summer Dog Accessories

Doggie Swim Vest – $29.99

Add a little shark to their bark with this cute heavy duty swim vest. It allows them to enjoy the water while staying safe. Not to mention that everyone will get a good laugh at how adorable it is! Shop via Pool Supplies here.

Pet Life Sporty Sandals Petsmart | Summer Dog Accessories

Pet Life Sporty Sandals  – $39.99

Mesh sandals are a great way to keep your dog’s paws from overheating on the scorching hot pavement. Continue to take them on their daily walk even when the weather is a little warmer than they can handle. Shop via Petsmart here.

Yacht Dog Float Shop Barkshop | Summer Dog Accessories

Yacht Dog Float – $59.99

For the pets that want to lounge about, this float designed as a mini yacht is a perfect choice. They have room to move around without having to get into the water. The best part? It even has a treat bin! Shop via Barkshop here.

Ice Cream Cooling Dog Toy Petsmart | Summer Dog Accessories

“Ice Cream” Cooling Dog Toy – $4.47

I scream you scream, will all scream for ice cream! Ideal for cooling your dog down, this item is super easy to use. Just add water, freeze it, and your pet has a new toy to keep them refreshed in the hot weather. Shop via Petsmart here.

Hugs Pet Products Chillz Pressure Activated Pet Cooling Gel Pad-Amazon | Summer Dog Accessories

Hugs Pet Products Chillz Pressure Activated Pet Cooling Gel Pad


Another excellent way to keep them from overheating is a self-cooling gel mat. You can quickly take it on trips plus it’s easy to clean and is non-toxic. Don’t have AC? You can even use this indoors! Shop via Amazon here.


What are your favorite summer dog accessories that you have to have around? Feel free to pitch in ideas, and we’ll add them to the list. Did any of the pet supplies above catch your attention?

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