Shopping For Christmas Early – Forward Thinking Can Save You From Last Minute Woes

shopping for christmas earlyOnline shopping really should make getting through the holidays an easier endeavor.  However, many people find that even while they are paying attention to the passage of time, December just seems to sneak right up on them.  Suddenly, shipping concerns become just as much of a stressor as what to get in order to have the perfect gifts.

Start shopping for christmas early and let package forwarding and package consolidation through OPAS eliminate at least part of this worry!    While you will still need to decide if the newest electronics or designer clothing will be more suitable for your friends and family, you can rest assured that all the products you want will still get to you in time.  For the most beneficial results, you will really only need to remember two dates, and the rest of the choices will be up to you.

Getting Here

Online retailers will provide projected delivery dates to your OPAS package forwarding address.  While these vendors are doing their best to stay within the date range that they promise, you will also need to remember that different mail carriers are facing their own onslaught of items to deliver.  This will make it better if you look at the far end of the date range that a vendor provides for delivery, since it is probably more accurate.

Another word of advice is to think about other shoppers who are faced with the realization of noting that it is almost December.  As a good rule of thumb, placing holiday orders before the end of November is your best bet, since mail carriers and retailers are just beginning to cope with the glut of gifts.

Getting There

In terms of having packages arrive at OPAS, so that we may swiftly send them to your destination, 12. December is the latest that you can hope to place orders that will still get to you in time.  Since our customer oriented and caring warehouse staff wants to ensure that you have a wonderful holiday, we can make sure that your consolidated orders ship to you no later than 15. December.  However, we cannot ship your items if we have not received them yet.

Your best bet for taking advantage of online deals and ensuring that your gifts arrive on time is really to start browsing deals as soon as possible.  If you can place your order in November, that is ideal, as it gives them enough time to arrive at OPAS, and allows us to carefully consolidate them to get them to you. Of course, you will need to get you OPAS package forwarding address established before any of this can happen.  We urge you to visit our site and get started, so you can ultimately shop in luxury, and know that we will make receiving your goods as simple and efficient as possible.

Check out this handy timeline we have created to ensure you receive your items on time!

holiday shopping timeline

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