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Classy, well-tailored, cheap and ethical – Zara, the world’s favorite clothing store

Shop with your US OPAS addressZara’s worldwide fashion presence has made headlines in the fashion and business worlds with their innovative approach to both fashion and business. Their brick and mortar stores often require security to control the rush of eager customers for weeks after their grand opening.

Their online stores are also opening throughout the world; the US online site opened in September 2011. The prices are supposed to be the same in-store and online but you cannot find online store (or even land-locked stores) in every country. AND, Zara does not ship outside any country. Nor do they take foreign credit cards.

But with your OPAS US address you can shop the US Zara store from anywhere in the world, and if you do not have a US credit card you can use our Personal Shopper Service and have us buy your items for you.

Shopping Green at

Zara’s mission statement says “we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society and that of the environment with which we interact.” Features of the green commitment are saving energy, an eco-friendly store design, less manufacturing waste, social equity for all staff, and a commitment to only use animal products from animals raised on food farms and under no circumstances from animals sacrificed exclusively for the sale of their hide.

Their clothing and accessories are made with ecological fabrics such as organic cotton, and they feature PVC-free footwear. Purchases are wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

Free US Shipping from Zara and no Sales Tax with OPAS

Zara ships free within the US and if you use your OPAS US address you pay no sales tax as Oregon is a sales-tax free state.


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  1. Hi, I’ve seen two pairs of shoes which are out of stock on the uk zara site but have seen there availble in the us stores. Is there a way which I can ship them over to the uk?? Thanks!

    • Yes, an OPAS account can help with this. You can order in the US, receive in the US at your OPAS address, and then we can ship them to you in the UK.


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