Ship your Vacation Purchases Overseas using Package Forwarding

Summer Vacation Shopping

Shop while in the US, ship home using OPASSummer is approaching in the northern hemisphere and vacation plans are in the works. You might be planning to visit the US from overseas to tour our beautiful countryside and cities. Perhaps you have family here or even have an upcoming business trip.

You know how you like to shop for yourself, your friends and family when you travel but you might not like so much hauling all that stuff back home on the plane and through customs on the other end.

Ship Home using Package Forwarding

To simplify your travel while indulging your impulse to get wonderful things while you are traveling, use a package forwarder to send those purchases home.

There are a couple ways you can do this. One way is to box up your purchases while you are still in the US and ship them to your address at our warehouse. Or, even better, when you buy something have the store ship it directly to us. That way you save sales tax also since we are in a sales-tax free state.

Consolidate and Ship Home

Either way, you can watch your account online for when everything arrives at our warehouse, have it all consolidated to save on shipping cost and sent to you to arrive perfectly coordinated with your arrival home. And, because your purchases are going through customs on their own you will not be held up in customs as you pass back into your home country.

What would you like to take home from the US when you visit us here?


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