Send Gifts from the US with Your Package Forwarding Account

Surprise a Friend with Gifts from US Online Stores

You problably took advantage of your US package forwarding address this holiday season to order gifts from the US to give to friends and relatives. But did you know you could have had those gifts sent directly to your friends’ homes from your own package forwarding account?

send gifts from the usAll you have to do is log into your account and add your friend’s name and address to your list of shipping addresses. Voila! You can now send any package directly from the US to a friend. (For security reasons, you must make your purchases using a billing address that matches a verified credit card on your account, but you can send packages anywhere you like without any verification.)

Why Send Gifts from the US?

For one, there are still a lot of products for sale in the US that aren’t available in other countries. From certain mobile phone models to collectibles sold on eBay, US online stores are a great source for special gifts.

And don’t overlook the surprise factor! It’s one thing to hand your friend a gift in person that could have come from the local mall, but imagine instead the way your friend will feel when he or she answers the door and receives an unexpected international delivery! (Just make sure to fill out your customs information correctly so that your friend isn’t stuck with unexpected import duties.)

Options for Sending Gifts from the US

Many stores offer gift wrapping and even let you type a little note to accompany your gift. So on the next holiday, birthday, or special occaision that rolls around, there’s no need to ship your gifts to yourself only to deliver them later (or maybe even reship them!). Just log in to your package forwarding account and send a gift directly from the US. 🙂


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