Save $$$ by Making the Most of the Oregon Advantage – 0% Sales Tax!

You can shop tax-free at any US store using a your package forwarding address in Oregon. OPAS is located in the state of Oregon, the 0% sales tax state, so you will not have to worry about paying sales tax when you make your purchase.  Now you can use your OPAS address to make purchases at stores throughout the US and benefit from the Oregon advantage on your purchases.

Getting Started Is Quick And Easy

In order to take advantage of 0% sales tax, sign up with OPAS and pay any fees that may be required.  Once you have established your account, you can purchase the products you are interested in.

When you sign up with Overseas Personal Address Service, you will get your own unique, personalized package forwarding address.   After that, you login in to your account to see your packages and then ship them to your overseas business or home.

Ship Your Order from Oregon to Your Home

You can ship your package from your Oregon address to your home address whenever you want. You can send packages one at a time, or combine more than one package into a single shipment.   Remember when you consolidate packages you may be able to save even more. You can buy from multiple locations and have them all shipped at the same time in the same package for lower costs and better convenience.

If you want to shop and enjoy savings and special offers that are only available in the US, you need to spend time making sure that you do business with the right forwarding company. We stand out for numerous reasons, and we’re ready to help you.

Not convinced? Check out these examples:

opas advantage

So if you want to benefit from 0% sales tax shopping, then pick OPAS and the Oregon advantage!

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