Parcel Forwarding from Oregon Lets Any US Resident Avoid Sales Tax

Recently, there’s been lot of discussion in the news about whether or not online sales should be subject to state sales tax. Many US residents enjoy shopping online (over 80%, according to Nielsen Online), often without considering the physical location of the store they’re shopping at. Typically, online shoppers only pay sales tax if the store they’re shopping at has a physical presence in the state you’re shopping from.

But this may soon change. Technically, we owe state sales tax on all purchases made within the state, even if made online. States haven’t enforced this in the past, but since the financial crisis has made states especially sensitive to how much revenue they’ve been losing through online sales, many are starting to demand sales taxes from online sales, even from retailers like without physical shopping locations.

parcel forwarding from oregonHowever, five states don’t collect sales tax, and purchases sent to these states will always be tax-free, no matter how strict the tax-collecting states become. You can take advantage of this situation by using parcel forwarding services to avoid sales tax no matter where you live.

Our parcel forwarding services from Oregon let you shop from anywhere in the USA without paying sales tax. Once you register for an Oregon address, you can shop tax free at any retailer in any state.

Sick of paying 9% sales tax on Apple products in California? You can save over a hundred dollars on a new iMac or iPad by shipping it to Oregon.

Nobody likes paying more than they have to–we’ve all gotten used to shopping tax-free on the Internet. But now that this perk may be coming to an end, you can still get a deal using personal address services and parcel forwarding from Oregon.

parcel forwarding from oregon

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