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The Story of Our Founder – Part 5

So, I started working in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, and found a great deal of interesting experiences there just by walking the streets of the town. One time, a sign that said “Judo lessons” caught my eye …

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OPAS’ Schedule for the Holiday Season

The Holiday season is fast approaching, and with an OPAS mailbox for consolidation and international package forwarding, that means wherever you are in the world, you can take advantage of great sales in the US! …

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Amazon Prime Day Brings Voice First Home

Did you participate in Prime Day 2017? If you didn’t, you are in the minority (almost)! Amazon created this new shopping holiday in 2015, and this year’s sales beat last year’s by 60%. Amazon doesn’t …

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The Story of Our Founder – Part 4

Soon after my arrival in Edinburgh I spend a few days at a youth hostel in Paris. There I met another Japanese traveler who told me about his experience working at farms in Switzerland in …

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international shipping

Your Questions About Shipping Pt. 2

  We are excited to continue our conversation with our Warehouse Manager, Steve. Today he talks to us about questions our OPAS members have about shipping.  I want to receive some shoes. Will you send …

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Your Questions About Shipping Pt. 1

We recently sat down with our OPAS Warehouse Manager, Steve. He is in charge of your orders from the moment they come through our doors until they are consolidated and securely packaged and ready to be …

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What New Users are Asking

OPAS recently participated in a New Year’s event held at a Japanese shopping center in suburb of Portland. The Shogatsu Matsuri or New Year’s Festival was a three day event with several booths for selling …

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Celebrate Black Friday With Us!

Coming Soon: Black Friday and Cyber Monday November is upon us, so that means the holidays are coming soon. Thanksgiving is holiday unique to Americans, but the sales associated with Thanksgiving are something savvy shoppers …

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The Story Of Our Founder, Part 3

The following happened during the time I sold handmade jewelry as a street vendor in Geneva, Switzerland. I think I was around 21 or 22 at the time. One evening I went out around closing …

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