International Shipping on iPad 2 for Package Forwarding Members

Apple’s latest and most desirable product yet, the iPad 2, goes on sale this coming Friday, March 11. It’s thinner, lighter, and faster than it’s popular predecessor. But only for those with a USA address. Package forwarding members can get the device early and get the jump on Apple’s new design. The worldwide release isn’t … Read more

How Do Men & Women Use Package Forwarding Differently?

The Financial Times recently ran an article on how men and women use online shopping differently. The article mostly focuses on clothing purchases, but there’s no reason to think that these shopping habits don’t apply to other retail purchases as well. These days, products are cross-marketed across genders, from computers for women to hair removal … Read more

International Multi-Level Marketing Using Package Forwarding

Ok, so you’ve worked hard to develop a long and successful downline of distributors for your multi-level marketing business. Or maybe you’ve hit a snag lately and haven’t seen the growth you’ve seen in years past. Or maybe you’re simply just getting started and are ready to expand your multi-level marketing business. What’s the next … Read more

Parcel Forwarding from Oregon Lets Any US Resident Avoid Sales Tax

Recently, there’s been lot of discussion in the news about whether or not online sales should be subject to state sales tax. Many US residents enjoy shopping online (over 80%, according to Nielsen Online), often without considering the physical location of the store they’re shopping at. Typically, online shoppers only pay sales tax if the … Read more