10 Free Shipping Offers for US Online Shopping

Package forwarding doesn’t mean that you have to pay shipping twice! In fact, one of the most frequently offered discounts by online US shops is free domestic shipping. No matter what kinds of products you’re looking for, you’re bound to be able to find them offered along with an online free shipping promotion. Free shipping … Read more

Get International Shipping on WakeMate with Package Forwarding

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently partnered with WakeMate to offer exclusive international shipping of their sleep analytics platform. WakeMate is an innovative new product that analyzes your sleep patterns to help you wake up fresh and sleep smarter. Until now, WakeMate has only been available in the US and limited international markets. But … Read more

3 Ways To Save Time and Money with Package Forwarding

How does your package get from our warehouse to your doorstep? We work with a variety of carriers to offer the fastest, most cost-effective service possible. One of the most trusted and reliable carriers we work with is UPS. As UPS proves, small, strategic decisions can dramatically reduce the time and cost of delivery. The … Read more

3 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Import Duties on Package Forwarding

Package forwarding will save you money by letting you shop at online stores in the United States for lower retail prices than in your home country. But what happens when you import your purchases? In some cases, you may be responsible for duties assessed by the customs authority of your country. Here’s how to avoid … Read more

Take Your Small Business Global With Package Forwarding

The American market for nearly any kind of product is huge, but for a small business to really reach its full potential, it needs to think about expanding internationally. Just as the Internet and online shopping have allowed local businesses to expand beyond their immediate region, package forwarding services can solve a lot of the … Read more