Package Forwarding Tips: “Hitting a Moving Target!”


Did you know that OPAS can offer domestic shipping via UPS in addition to international shipment services? It’s true.

First, this enables those who actually live in the US to take advantage of our Oregon sales tax-free option we can provide. This may not seem like a lot for a US customer when ordering smaller items, but if you order high-value electronics or designer clothing, you can see how quickly trimming 7%-10% from your order cost will exceed the cost of having us ship to you via UPS.

UPS calculates dimensional weight domestically on a 166 divisor rather than 139, so that’s less likely to be an issue. Also, we can provide your preferred level of shipment, from UPS Ground all the way to Next Day Air, so you have a greater level of control over the speed of your shipment once you’re ready to send. Our consolidation services are available for domestic use just as much as they are for our international customers.

So when you’re ready to make a major online purchase, use OPAS to knock off the sales tax from your bill. Computers, designer clothing, jewelry, or purchases of expensive equipment for your business would be splendid options to utilize OPAS’ Oregon advantage.

How about for our international customers who occasionally travel to the US for business or pleasure? We can ship to wherever you’re staying, whether a friend or family member’s house or a hotel. This way, you’ll pay our lower domestic rates and very likely will have less issue with importing the items if you’re taking them back home in personal baggage (you’ll want to check on this, however, to be sure you’re not bringing anything along that would be objectionable to airline travel.)


We call this process “hitting a moving target” because we have a limited window to have the package reach you. Obviously, the larger the window, the easier it will be. We do have customers who are international pilots and flight crew, however, and we’ve been able to get packages to them when they’re only in the US for a night or two at the most.

The earlier you give us the time window you’ll be available, the better. The more forewarning we have, the slower (and therefore less expensive) service we can use. If you only tell us about the visit two days before you arrive, we’ll need to use a UPS Air Service, which may not cut too much off your shipment cost compared to international shipment.


If you’re staying at a hotel, you’ll definitely want to contact the hotel to determine what their protocol is for receiving packages sent to guests, specifically what they’ll need to receive it for you if you have not yet checked in. We always choose to err on the side of getting the package to the destination too soon, for obvious reasons.

One important note: if you’re interested in domestic shipment of Dangerous Goods that you’ve ordered, this may not work out as you’d like. We can’t ship DG domestically via any air service. OPAS is authorized by IATA/ICAO for international shipment of DG, but CFR 49 certification for DG shipment domestically is entirely a different license. We’ll still be able to ship some items domestically via UPS Ground that might otherwise be considered DG when shipping via air service.

You’ll want to communicate with OPAS at to arrange any domestic shipping arrangement beforehand – we’ll need you to enter the exact details into your account, and will need advised on your shipping window.

With all this in mind, there’s no reason that an international customer can’t increase their enjoyment of a holiday in the US by receiving a shipment from OPAS during their trip!

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