Package Forwarding Plans For Every Shipping Need

Finding a package forwarding plan that works for you and your shipping needs doesn’t have to be a challenge with our straightforward membership plans!

Let’s take a look at the package forwarding plans we offer.

Free Package Only, with this membership plan you can receive packages at your personal US package forwarding address at our warehouse in Oregon (added benefit: Oregon is a 0% US sales tax state) and have them shipped to your home when you are ready. You get access to our personal shopper service, this comes in especially handy when you want to shop at a store that has challenging policies with regards to package forwarding.

On top of all these features you can have us consolidate your packages for a flat fee of $10. Consolidating your packages can truly save you a bundle. Shipping companies charge fees based on the three dimensional size and weight of your package. So creating the smallest package possible is our goal when consolidating packages for you!  Last but not least, due to OPAS’ founder’s roots in Japan, you also get a free Japanese package forwarding address. This might not be on your radar right away, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the many unique items you can shop for on Japanese online stores.

Premium Package & Mail, the next step on our membership plan ladder. This plan offers you all the same features as our Free Package Only account above, and much more;  With your Premium Package & Mail plan you can also receive regular mail, this comes in very handy if  you are currently an expat living abroad and do not want to burden your family with your mail or have a post box somewhere, overflowing with mail.

This plan also gets you a discounted shipping rate, ànd discounted access to our personal shopper service. It also allows you to add multiple users to your account (family friendly) and gives you FREE package consolidation. 

Distributors, this plan is uniquely designed with the Distributor in mind but also works for other similar MLM companies.  This membership plan has many of the same features as our Free Package Only plan, and allows you to receive and ship packages. It also gives you access to our personal shopper service, discounted shipping rates and FREE package consolidation. The Distributors plan allows you to service your entire network with one account and gives you access to your own shipment planner dashboard.  

package forwarding membership plans

In short, if you are going to be sending yourself a few packages here and there, with not a lot of need for package consolidation our free package only account is a good place to start. However, if you feel like you will be sending yourself frequent packages for more than one vendor, it is worth getting our Premium Package & Mail for obvious reasons, the main reason being savings. With this account you get free package consolidation and very friendly shipping rates.

The Distributors is perfect for MLM distributors. If you have any questions about how to set up this particular account and how to add multiple users to your account, we are at your service. 

There are many reasons to choose OPAS, besides all the features mentioned above, we offer world class customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, read our testimonial page.

All the features you need. OPAS makes it easy to shop the US and receive your items at home.

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