Package Forwarding Haiku!

imagesis… Poetry.

They call us OPAS

Some ask what it is we do

We always reply


Open your life up

International shipping

For items you want


We provide mailbox

You buy your favorite things

We send them to you


Dimensional weight

Constant fear for a large box

We repackage best


Consolidate things

Many into just one box

Shipping cost is saved


Perfume can fly too

Dangerous goods go abroad

But more must be paid


OPAS is for you

An oasis in the states

Where packages go


OPAS is and was

Original forwarder

Working many years


OPAS and Kaizen

Synonymous in meaning

Constant improvement


Free registration

You can receive with a like

On book of faces


(Please consider this only as an attempt to enlighten you about our services in an entertaining method. Seek actual artistic fulfillment elsewhere.)

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