Package Forwarding And A US Shipping Address

In many cases, the ability to shop online has greatly simplified gift giving for many people.  Tracking down those coveted items may no longer involve driving all over the place and hoping that a store has the goods in stock.  It can be as simple as running an online search, comparing some prices, and then proceeding to the checkout. One wonderful thing about online sales, is that shoppers can still enjoy the thrill of browsing and finding a deal, but can do so at their own convenience.  This makes internet shopping both convenient and efficient, with the bonus that the goods come to the buyer, rather than the buyer having to go to the products.  As a result, even real world stores are opening up to a global commerce through internet sales events and online checkout.

Wrapping Up A Deal

International shipping, however, has not quite caught up to the global trade.  A number of retailers still require a US based shipping address, even though their sites can be viewed by people around the world.  This small issue can put a big damper on the online shopping experience, but at OPAS, we feel that it shouldn’t have to.

Package forwarding through OPAS can give buyers a number of advantages that will allow them the get the products they want.  Along with the obvious benefit of having a US address that the vendor can ship to, buyers will also find:

  • Package consolidation
  • Shipping rate calculators
  • Personal shopping assistance
  • No US taxes with an Oregon address GUARANTEED!

While the prospect of actually receiving wares is already a big benefit, these other positive factors can turn international shipping from a hassle to a pleasure.

package forwarding

Before starting the online shopping experience, buyers may want to consider being fully prepared.  This can include applying for a US based postal address through OPAS.  The result is that goods which can be viewed around the globe can actually be shipped around the globe as well. Your personal package forwarding address is the start to shopping, saving and shipping to your home!

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