Overseas Shipping Without The Hassle

Overseas Shipping Without The HassleFamilies and individuals around the world are finding that it is more common to have relatives and acquaintances who live overseas.  This also means that any number of gifts and goods are shipped internationally, and this can create challenges for ensuring that goods arrive at the appropriate location.

Although international shipping concerns can be an issue for people who do a lot of their shopping online, it can also be a problem for individuals who are trying to do something special for their loved ones.  OPAS package forwarding and overseas shipping can help on both of these levels, and may even add benefits for the purchasers over time. Standing in line at the post office is simply not so much fun, especially when you are asked the inevitable questions about filling out lengthy customs forms.

One of the primary challenges that can arise with international shipping does come from placing orders with vendors who will only deliver to a US mailing address.  In these cases, OPAS provides a valid American mailing address where the goods may arrive.  Thereafter, we take care of the package forwarding to ensure that the items arrive at the overseas address they were purchased from.

However, international shipping can also be a concern for friends and family who are trying to send gifts to relatives living overseas.  While a number of online vendors will allow for gift deliveries to different shipping addresses, they may still require that the parcels arrive at a US mailing address.  In this case, OPAS can also take the hassle out of the delivery dilemma, by receiving the goods initially and then sending the parcels internationally.

Either way, signing up for an OPAS package forwarding service can take much of the stress out of getting items to overseas recipients.  The services can offer different tiers for parcels and for mail, and can simplify communications in real-time, even when they are generated through online vendors.

We know you like to send care packages filled with staples such as peanut butter, american cereals and magazines and we also know you don’t enjoy the post office shuffle, so let us help. OPAS takes care of the overseas shipping without the hassle!

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