OPAS Partners With ClamCase to Offer International Shipping

ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case & Stand Now Available for International Shipping

We’re happy to anounce today that we’ve partered with ClamCase, makers of a truly unique iPad accessory, to offer international shipping through our package forwarding service. The ClamCase is an Apple-style keyboard for your iPad that doubles (triples?) as a case and stand!

clamcase international shippingNow that the iPad 2 has firmly established itself as an in-demand product, ClamCase is ready to meet that popularity with an iPad 2-compatible version of it’s 3-in-1 keyboard, case, and stand. Until now the ClamCase has only been available in the US, and unique products like this are simply not sold in other countries. The ClamCase is one of those great products that you can only buy from the US using your package forwarding address.

Perfect for iPad, Perfect for Package Consolidation

Even if you can buy an iPad in your country, it still costs far less to buy an iPad 2 from the US. (We continue to ship iPad 2s week after week!) If you’re already shipping the iPad internationally, you can consolidate your package with a ClamCase to save on international shipping.

The ClamCase is roughly the same size and weight as the iPad itself. But shipping the two products together will cost far less than shipping each separately. And why stop at two? Throw a few more items in the box to really keep the shipping cost down. 🙂

Versatility of ClamCase Matched by Versatility of Package Forwarding

Consolidating multiple items into a single shipment is not the only thing that’s flexible about package forwarding. If you’re interested in registering for a package forwarding address to buy the ClamCase, remember that your US package forwarding address is good forever, with no monthly membership fees.

That means that when Apple inevitably releases the iPad 3, you can use your same package forwarding address to order it. 🙂

You can also use your package forwarding address to access Apple’s US app store or get a US iTunes account, in order to download US-only apps and content.

What’s Your Favorite iPad Accessory?

We’ve shipped everything from iPad video adapters to DIY replacement screens (!). The ClamCase is definitely the most sophisticated and useful iPad accessory we’ve seen. What’s your favorite, and what store or website did you buy it from? Answer in the comments section!


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